Series of genres Romance
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Series Name Latest chapter
Love Luck (ASAHINA Yuuya) Completed
Love Lucky    Completed
Love Mania Sock Completed
Love Maniac Completed
Love Me Baby(Sasamura Gou) Vol.001 Ch.005 Read ...
Love Mode Completed
Love Monster    Completed
Love or Die Vol.001 Ch.002 Read ...
Love Parameter    Love Parameter ...
Love Phantom Ch.001
Love Pop love_pop_004
Love Probation Witch 007
Love Rerun    Vol.001 Ch.006
Love Riron    Completed
Love Scar Completed
Love Share (SHIIBA Nana) Completed
Love Sick Completed
Love So Life       Vol.017 Ch.106 ...
Love Song (YAMAGATA Satomi) Vol.001 Ch.005: ...
Love SOS Love Sos Chapter ...
Love Spiral Vol.001 Ch.001
Love Stage    Vol.006 Ch.026 Read ...
Love Stalking! Completed
Love Strip Completed
Love Suicide Completed
Love Survival Completed
Love Virus 002
Love Wan! 016.005
Love x Joint Vol.001 Ch.001 Read ...
Love x Rob x Stockholm Vol.001 Ch.005: ...
Love Zipper Completed
Love! Love! Love! 8
Loveletter from... Completed
Lovely 011
Lovely Baby 003
Lovely Banchou Completed
Lovely Complex    Completed
Lovely Complex Plus Completed
Lovely Everywhere Completed
Lovely Lesson Vol.001 Ch.002 Read ...
Lovenista Completed
LovePlus: Kanojo no Kako Completed
LovePlus: Manaka Days Completed
LovePlus: Nene Days Loveplus Nene Days ...
LovePlus: Rinko Days Completed
Lover Boy Vol.013 Ch.052: ...
Lover Discovery Vol.005 Ch.019.005 ...
Lover Puzzle 015
Loveroid (Nean)    Ch.004: Small Things ...
Lovers Alphau Completed
Genres Romance

Any love related story. We will define love as between man and woman in this case. Other than that, it is up to your own imagination of what love is.