Series of genres Sci-fi
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Series Name Latest chapter
& Dropout Completed
.hack//4 koma Ch.005: Spoiled ...
.hack//G.U.+ Completed
.hack//Link Completed
.hack//XXXX 2
:REverSAL Vol.002 Ch.013 Read ...
0/6    Completed
01 (OKU Hiroya)    Completed
1/2 Prince    071
2001 + 5 Completed
2001 Nights Completed
20th Century Boys    Completed
22xx 001.001
3 Level Combination Completed
31 Heroes Completed
50 Million Km Completed
51 Ways to Save My Girlfriend    Completed
7 seeds    142 - Vol 019
70    Ch.016 Read Onl ...
9 Faces of Love    Completed
A Million Pound Love Completed
Abara Completed
Absolute Boyfriend    Completed
Accel World / Dural - Magisa Garden    Vol.002 Ch.012: ...
Aegis 036
Ageha O Ou Monotachi Completed
Agharta 077
AI ga Tomaranai! Completed
Aimer Ch.005: Santa
Ai-Ren Completed
Akatokisei Residence Ch.002 Read Onl ...
AKB0048 - Episode 0 Vol.001 Ch.002: ...
Akihabara @ Deep Vol.001 Ch.005 Read ...
Akira Completed
Alabaster Completed
Alien Nine Completed
All You Need Is Kill    Completed
Angel at War Completed
Angel Shop Completed
Angelic Layer Completed
Ano Natsu de Matteru Completed
Aoki Ao no Atopos    Ch.002: Seg.002 ...
Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio    Ch.062
Appleseed    Completed
Aqua Completed
Aquarion Evol Vol.001 Ch.003: ...
Aria Completed
Artificial Maiden Completed
Asamiya-san no Imouto Completed
Ascribe to Heaven 001
Genres Sci-fi

Short for science fiction, these works involve twists on technology and other science related phenomena which are contrary or stretches of the modern day scientific world.