Series of genres Tragedy
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"Bungaku Shoujo" to Shi ni Tagari no Douke    Completed
/Blush-DC.    /Blush-DC. Vol.003 ...
0/6    Completed
1/11 Vol.003 Ch.009: ...
100% Gokuama Kareshi Completed
12 Nin no Yasashii Koroshiya Completed
17-sai (KAMATA Youji) Completed
1999 Shanghai Completed
22xx 001.001
4 God Ranger    Ch.011 Read Onl ...
49 Vol.001 Ch.003 Read ...
51 Ways to Save My Girlfriend    Completed
666 Satan    Completed
9 Faces of Love    Completed
A Midsummer Night's Dream Completed
A Million Pound Love Completed
A Night of a Thousand Dreams Completed
A Revolutionist in the Afternoon Completed
A Spirit of the Sun 022
Ability Shop Completed
Absolute Boyfriend    Completed
Adolf ni Tsugu Completed
After School Nightmare    Completed
Ageha Completed
Ai-Ren Completed
Aka no Sekai Vol.001 Ch.004: ...
Akame ga Kill!    Chapter 061
Akame ga KILL! Zero    Ch.013: Clash of ...
Aku no Meshitsukai Vol.001 Ch.006 Read ...
Akuma na Eros    Completed
Akuma No Ororon Completed
Akusaga Completed
Aletheia    Vol.001 Ch.013 Read ...
Alfheim no Kishi Vol.002 Ch.020 Read ...
Alien Nine Completed
Alive - The Final Evolution    Completed
Andante Completed
Angel Hunt Vol.001 Ch.004 Read ...
Angel Sanctuary    Completed
Angel's Coffin Completed
Animal X Vol.007 Ch.024: ...
Apocalypse no Toride       Apocalypse no Toride ...
Arcana 16: Fairy Tales/Nursery Tales Vol.016 Ch.014: ...
Area no Kishi    Vol.017 Ch.138: ...
Arigatou    Completed
Ark Vol.003 Ch.011 Read ...
Ateya no Tsubaki    008
Azumi    Vol.014 Ch.102 Read ...
Banana Fish Completed
Genres Tragedy

Contains events resulting in great loss and misfortune.