Boku Girl information
Boku Girl

Other name: ¿Im a Girl?; ボクガール

Genres: Ecchi, Gender Bender, Seinen

Author: Sugito Akira

Status: Ongoing           Views: 1,410,854           Bookmark


Trap turned into woman by Loki.

Chapter Name Day Added
Boku Girl Vol.006 Ch.051: My Father's Secret 7/19/2015
Boku Girl Vol.006 Ch.050: My Homecoming 6/24/2015
Boku Girl Vol.006 Ch.049: My Scaaaary~ Father 6/24/2015
Boku Girl Vol.006 Ch.048: My Investigative Report on Romance 6/23/2015
Boku Girl Ch.047: My Something More Precious Than Love 6/18/2015
Boku Girl Ch.046: My Two Important Persons 5/31/2015
Boku Girl Ch.045: My Perverted Friend Is... 5/27/2015
Boku Girl Ch.044: My Order?! 5/5/2015
Boku Girl Ch.043: My Lover?! 4/15/2015
Boku Girl Ch.042: My New Adversary 3/29/2015
Boku Girl Ch.042 (v002): My New Adversary 4/12/2015
Boku Girl Ch.041 Read Online 3/24/2015
Boku Girl Ch.040: My Exceeded Expectations 2/26/2015
Boku Girl Ch.039: My Imposter 2/9/2015
Boku Girl Ch.038: My Huge Gamble 2/2/2015
Boku Girl Ch.037.005: Omake 5/29/2015
Boku Girl Ch.037: My Resolve 1/19/2015
Boku Girl Ch.037 (v002): My Resolve 2/2/2015
Boku Girl Ch.036: My Game Over 12/28/2014
Boku Girl Ch.035: My Brand New Experience 12/25/2014
Boku Girl Ch.034: My Boxers 12/24/2014
Boku Girl Ch.033: My Embarrassing Pictures 12/24/2014
Boku Girl Ch.033: My Embarrassing Pictures 12/13/2014
Boku Girl Ch.032: My Current State 12/13/2014
Boku Girl Ch.031: My Shock...! 11/24/2014
Boku Girl Ch.030v002: My Secret Uniform 11/24/2014
Boku Girl Ch.030: My Secret Uniform 11/12/2014
Boku Girl Ch.030 (v002): My Secret Uniform 11/24/2014
Boku Girl Ch.029: My Revival?! 11/6/2014
Boku Girl Ch.028: My Reality?! 10/29/2014
Boku Girl Ch.028 (v002): My Reality?! 10/29/2014
Boku Girl Ch.027: My Two Affections 10/6/2014
Boku Girl Ch.026: My Foul Mood 10/6/2014
Boku Girl Ch.025: My Two Important Persons 9/18/2014
Boku Girl Ch.024: My Date 8/30/2014
Boku Girl Ch.023: My Naughty Game 8/12/2014
Boku Girl Ch.022: My Sleepless Night 7/31/2014
Boku Girl Ch.021: My Roommate 7/15/2014
Boku Girl Ch.021 (v002): My Roommate 7/20/2014
Boku Girl Ch.020: My Consultation 6/20/2014
Boku Girl Ch.019: My Crush 6/10/2014
Boku Girl Ch.018: My Image of the Future 6/5/2014
Boku Girl Ch.017: My Best Friend 6/1/2014
Boku Girl Ch.016: My Disaster 5/14/2014
Boku Girl Ch.015: My First Day of the Trip 5/7/2014
Boku Girl Ch.014: My Hero 4/23/2014
Boku Girl Ch.013: My Promise 4/17/2014
Boku Girl Ch.012: My Motherliness 4/1/2014
Boku Girl Ch.011: My First Time 3/21/2014
Boku Girl Ch.010: My Public Bath - 002 3/10/2014
Boku Girl Ch.009: My Bath House 3/4/2014
Boku Girl Ch.008: My Lunchtime 2/17/2014
Boku Girl Ch.007 (v003): My Cuteness 2/17/2014
Boku Girl Ch.007 (v002): My Cuteness 2/12/2014
Boku Girl Ch.006 My Dress 2/4/2014
Boku Girl Ch.005 My First Day 2/4/2014
Boku Girl Ch.004: My Bath Time 1/20/2014
Boku Girl Ch.003: My After School 1/5/2014
Boku Girl Ch.002: Japanese Style 12/30/2013
Boku Girl Ch.001 Transformation 12/20/2013
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