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Boku no Marie

Other name: ぼくのマリー; 二人のマリ; 僕のマリ; Boku no Mari; Metal Angel Marie; My Dear Marie

Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, Sci-fi, Seinen

Author: TAKEUCHI Sakura, SANYO Goro

Status: Ongoing           Views: 193,425           Bookmark


Karigari Hiroshi is a total robotics geek/genius who really likes this one girl, Marie. He's too shy to ask her out, so he becomes obsessed with creating a perfect android copy of Marie. He succeeds perfectly in creating Marie, an android with the intelligence and heart/emotions of a human and who looks just like Mari (though with different colored hair). Of course, Karigari never really considered the implications of such a thing...

Chapter Name Day Added
Boku no Marie Vol.006 Ch.059: The Road to Stardom 7/7/2015
Boku no Marie Vol.006 Ch.058: Sayuri's True Identity 6/6/2015
Boku no Marie Vol.006 Ch.057: Driving Hard! 5/12/2015
Boku no Marie Vol.005 Ch.056: Jealousy? 5/12/2015
Boku no Marie Vol.005 Ch.055: It's War! The Idol Contest!! 4/11/2015
Boku no Marie Vol.005 Ch.054: The Mysterious Transforming Girl 3/28/2015
Boku no Marie Vol.005 Ch.053: An Android's Happiness 3/12/2015
Boku no Marie Vol.005 Ch.052: Marie's Part Time Job!? 2/28/2015
Boku no Marie Vol.005 Ch.051: Combination Comeback 2/9/2015
Boku no Marie Vol.005 Ch.050: Karigari's Change of Mind 1/24/2015
Boku no Marie Vol.005 Ch.049: An Android!? 1/14/2015
Boku no Marie Vol.005 Ch.048: Yuri's Pranks!? 12/30/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.004 Ch.047: Sister Showdown!! 12/19/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.004 Ch.046: Two Younger Sisters!? 12/7/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.004 Ch.045: Even Though She's An Android... 11/29/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.004 Ch.044: Parting with a Smile 11/14/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.004 Ch.043: Morio's Decision! 10/28/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.004 Ch.042: For You Only 10/18/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.004 Ch.041: Reconciliation? 10/5/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.004 Ch.040: Kanie's Trap 9/22/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.004 Ch.039: 004 Plus 001 9/16/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.004 Ch.038: A Sibling Quarrel?? 9/8/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.004 Ch.037: Short Cut 8/30/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.004 Ch.036: Kanie vs Marie 8/29/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.004 Ch.035: Morio's Past 8/8/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.003 Ch.034: You Cannot Kiss!! 8/3/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.003 Ch.033: Marie Transformed!? 7/30/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.003 Ch.032: Once Again, Big Misunderstandings!! 7/26/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.003 Ch.031: Morio and Marie 7/20/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.003 Ch.030: Marie's First Kiss!? 7/18/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.003 Ch.029: Marie-san's Decision!! 7/13/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.003 Ch.028: The Mystery at the Water's Edge (Part 003) 7/11/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.003 Ch.027: The Mystery at the Water's Edge (Part 002) 6/29/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.003 Ch.026: The Mystery at the Water’s Edge (Part 001) 6/24/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.003 Ch.025: Hibiki's Departure 6/16/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.003 Ch.024: Hibiki's Feelings, Marie's Feelings 6/10/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.002 Ch.023: Is Marie Sunk!? 6/1/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.002 Ch.022: Mari-Shock!! 5/26/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.002 Ch.021: Karigari, Captured 5/22/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.002 Ch.020: I Want To Get Over You!! 5/19/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.002 Ch.019: Where Does Kennou Live!? 5/12/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.002 Ch.018: Karigari By A Hair!! 5/4/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.002 Ch.017: A Dangerous Couple 4/22/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.002 Ch.016: Let Me Date You! 4/12/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.002 Ch.015: Hibiki Aflutter! 3/25/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.002 Ch.014: And Now, Kennou Hibiki!! 2/15/2014
Boku no Marie Vol.002 Ch.013: Marie-chan's Big Adventure!! 9/8/2013
Boku no Marie Vol.001 Ch.012: True Love Is...!? 9/8/2013
Boku no Marie Vol.001 Ch.011: Over Powered 9/8/2013
Boku no Marie Vol.001 Ch.010: Karasawa Runs Wild!! 9/8/2013
Boku no Marie Vol.001 Ch.009: Karigari Stands Firm!! 9/8/2013
Boku no Marie Vol.001 Ch.008: Don't Burst Out!! 9/8/2013
Boku no Marie Vol.001 Ch.007: Power-up Marie!! 9/8/2013
Boku no Marie Vol.001 Ch.006: Mysterious Savior!? 9/8/2013
Boku no Marie Vol.001 Ch.005: Marie Packed Together!? 9/8/2013
Boku no Marie Vol.001 Ch.004: Marie's Temptation!? 9/8/2013
Boku no Marie Vol.001 Ch.003: Tennis Match Climax!! 9/8/2013
Boku no Marie Vol.001 Ch.002: Twins!? 9/8/2013
Boku no Marie Vol.001 Ch.001: Marie's Birth 9/8/2013
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