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Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Supernatural

Author: Mika

Status: Ongoing           Views: 69,492           Bookmark


It is a world where humans and monsters struggle to coexist. The government is controlled by humans and monsters have obliged to keep peace. However, monster criminals continue to disrupt the world. It is up to the Twin brothers (aka ‘Punisher Brothers’) to seek out these monster criminals and kill them.

Chapter Name Day Added
Castor Ch.013: The Devil 12/16/2012
Castor Ch.012: Romantic Night 10/31/2012
Castor Ch.011: Lady 10/31/2012
Castor Ch.010: The House 10/31/2012
Castor Ch.009: WTH 10/30/2012
Castor Ch.008: No Way 10/30/2012
Castor Ch.007: WTH 10/29/2012
Castor Ch.006: No Way 10/29/2012
Castor Ch.005: What Are You? 10/29/2012
Castor Ch.004: The Eyes Of The Snake 10/28/2012
Castor Ch.003: Rabbits And Snakes 10/28/2012
Castor Ch.002: The Guys 10/28/2012
Castor Ch.001: Zombies 10/28/2012
Castor Ch.000.005: Prologue 10/28/2012
Castor Ch.000: Preview 10/28/2012
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