Colossus Order information
Colossus Order

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Shounen, Supernatural

Author: HARUMOTO Kazuki

Status: Ongoing           Views: 108,826           Bookmark


Resting in different lands are the legends of Colossus -- It was said that a single Colossus can change the tide of the war. At this point of time the only information that was disclosed was that there are multiple of this beings in each world. 

Chapter Name Day Added
Colossus Order Vol.001 Ch.003: 「Hugh versus Victor」 12/25/2014
Colossus Order Vol.001 Ch.002: 「Valden's Target!」 7/17/2014
Colossus Order Vol.001 Ch.001: 「The Apprentice of The Knights!!」 5/2/2014
Colossus Order 000: The Legend of Colossus 9/16/2013
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