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Other name: カウンタック; Contach; Countershock

Genres: Comedy, Romance, Seinen, Sports

Author: Umezawa Haruto

Status: Ongoing           Views: 133,689           Bookmark


The day after he finds himself dumped by his girlfriend, Sorayama Shun recieves a letter... from himself? The letter was from Shun 25 years ago for his future self. The letter reminds him of the time when he dreamed of owning a Countach and being a successful professional racer. With loads of luck and his ambition to make his childhood dream come true, he finds himself as a new owner of an LP400 Countach.

Chapter Name Day Added
Countach Vol.003 Ch.024: The Real Treasure 2/2/2013
Countach Vol.003 Ch.023: Far Away Car 1/18/2013
Countach Vol.003 Ch.022: Mirage... [ Vanishing Dreams ] 1/6/2013
Countach Vol.003 Ch.021: Countach Counter Attack! [ 002 ] 12/22/2012
Countach Vol.003 Ch.020: Countach Counter Attack! 12/22/2012
Countach Vol.003 Ch.019: Shutoko Flat Out Run [ 003 ] 12/7/2012
Countach Vol.003 Ch.018: Shutoko Flat Out Run [ 002 ] 11/30/2012
Countach Vol.003 Ch.017: Shutoko Flat Out Run 11/27/2012
Countach Vol.003 Ch.016: Rescue Mission 11/25/2012
Countach Vol.002 Ch.015: Unusual Mail 7/3/2012
Countach Vol.002 Ch.014: Her Pain 6/30/2012
Countach Vol.002 Ch.013: Enter the Nemesis 6/27/2012
Countach Vol.002 Ch.012: Legendary Super Car 002 6/24/2012
Countach Vol.002 Ch.011: Legendary Super Car 6/22/2012
Countach Vol.002 Ch.010: Beat Emotion 6/17/2012
Countach Vol.002 Ch.009: The L400's True Strength 002 6/16/2012
Countach Vol.002 Ch.008: The L400's True Strength 6/9/2012
Countach Vol.002 Ch.007: The Z006's Hidden Potential 4/4/2012
Countach Vol.002 Ch.006: Corvette Lady 2/20/2012
Countach Vol.001 Ch.005: Survivor 12/13/2011
Countach Vol.001 Ch.004: Ridge Monster 002 12/13/2011
Countach Vol.001 Ch.003: Ridge Monster 12/13/2011
Countach Vol.001 Ch.002: The "Fighting Bull's" Power 12/13/2011
Countach Vol.001 Ch.002: The "Fighting Bull's" Power 12/18/2011
Countach Vol.001 Ch.001: The 025 Year Old Dream 12/13/2011
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