Gosick information

Other name: ゴシック; Goshik; Goshikku

Genres: Drama, Historical, Mystery, Romance, Shounen

Author: Sakuraba Kazuki, AMANO Sakuya

Status: Ongoing           Views: 223,733           Bookmark


Set in a fictional European country in 1924, a Japanese exchange student meets a mysterious, brilliant girl who only leaves the library to sleep. Her brother, a detective, relies on her mind to solve difficult mysteries, several of which draw her away from the library. With a drop of sweet romance, you will immediately become addicted to Gosick!!!

Chapter Name Day Added
Gosick Vol.008 Ch.028: The Black Reaper Meets the Gold Fairy 1/9/2015
Gosick Vol.008 Ch.027: Memoir of an Autumn Flower 1/9/2015
Gosick Vol.008 Ch.026: Au Revoir, Demon 1/9/2015
Gosick Vol.007 Ch.025: Monstre Charmant 12/25/2013
Gosick Vol.007 Ch.024: The Invisible Ghost 10/24/2013
Gosick Vol.007 Ch.023: The Beginning of a Dark History 10/18/2013
Gosick Vol.007 Ch.022: Memoir of the Alchemist 7/9/2013
Gosick Vol.006 Ch.021: The Golden Butterfly 7/9/2013
Gosick Vol.006 Ch.020: The Secret of the Sleeping Forest 7/9/2013
Gosick Vol.006 Ch.019: The Red Turnip Lanterns and "The Winter Man" 2/1/2013
Gosick Vol.005 Ch.018 Read Online 12/25/2012
Gosick Vol.005 Ch.017: The Nameless Village 10/25/2012
Gosick Vol.005 Ch.016: Victorique de Blois is the Grey Wolf 9/8/2012
Gosick Vol.004 Ch.015: The Flower Ghost 8/23/2012
Gosick Vol.004 Ch.014 Read Online 7/31/2012
Gosick Vol.004 Ch.013: A Certain Sunday 6/16/2012
Gosick Vol.004 Ch.012: I Will Not Let Go Of That Hand 6/16/2012
Gosick Vol.004 Ch.011: Game Over 6/1/2012
Gosick Vol.003 Ch.010: The Wild Rabbit and the Hunting Dog 1/29/2013
Gosick Vol.003 Ch.009: Monologue Monologue 1/29/2013
Gosick Vol.003 Ch.008: Ghost Ship (The Queen Berry) 9/22/2013
Gosick 011 5/31/2012
Gosick 010 4/9/2012
Gosick 009 3/4/2012
Gosick 008 10/17/2011
Gosick 007 9/24/2011
Gosick 006 9/24/2011
Gosick 005 9/24/2011
Gosick 004 9/24/2011
Gosick 003 9/24/2011
Gosick 002 9/24/2011
Gosick 001 9/24/2011
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