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Genres: Action, Historical, Manga

Author: Hara Yasuhisa

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Two Orphaned boys dream of being the gratest generals in all of china.

Chapter Name Day Added
Kingdom Vol.041 Ch.444v000: Conquering a Cityless Landscape 9/1/2015
Kingdom Vol.041 Ch.443v002: The Monsters Set Off 9/1/2015
Kingdom Vol.041 Ch.443: The Monsters Set Off 8/31/2015
Kingdom Vol.041 Ch.442: Kindred Spirits 8/22/2015
Kingdom Vol.041 Ch.441v000: The Position of Prime Minister 8/5/2015
Kingdom Vol.041 Ch.440v000: Mastermind of the Assassination 7/29/2015
Kingdom Vol.041 Ch.439v000: Whereabouts of the Six Generals 7/20/2015
Kingdom Vol.041 Ch.438v000: Hour of Conquest 7/9/2015
Kingdom Vol.040 Ch.437: The Bond between Parent and Child 7/4/2015
Kingdom Vol.040 Ch.436v000: Last Plea 6/24/2015
Kingdom Vol.040 Ch.435: The Coup's Finale 6/19/2015
Kingdom Vol.040 Ch.434v000: Star of Defeat 6/10/2015
Kingdom Vol.040 Ch.433: Collapse of the Plot 6/6/2015
Kingdom Vol.040 Ch.432v000: The Decisive Dusk 5/19/2015
Kingdom Vol.040 Ch.431v000: The Turnabout Assault 5/11/2015
Kingdom Vol.040 Ch.430: Sound of Salvation 5/9/2015
Kingdom Vol.040 Ch.429: A Commander's Popularity 4/25/2015
Kingdom Vol.040 Ch.428: Running for your Life 4/18/2015
Kingdom Vol.040 Ch.427: Words of Resolve 4/11/2015
Kingdom Vol.039 Ch.426: Man's True Nature 4/4/2015
Kingdom Vol.039 Ch.425: Proper Emotions 3/28/2015
Kingdom Vol.039 Ch.424: Utopia 3/21/2015
Kingdom Vol.039 Ch.423: Origin of the World 3/14/2015
Kingdom Vol.039 Ch.422: The Life to be Protected at All Cost 3/3/2015
Kingdom Vol.039 Ch.421: Repeat of Failure 2/21/2015
Kingdom Vol.039 Ch.420: Parting Ways 2/14/2015
Kingdom Vol.039 Ch.419: The Man who Stands 2/7/2015
Kingdom Vol.039 Ch.418: First Experience 1/31/2015
Kingdom Vol.039 Ch.417: River Crossing Battle 1/24/2015
Kingdom Vol.039 Ch.416: Where the Ambushers Lie 1/10/2015
Kingdom Vol.038 Ch.415: How to Create Rebel Soldiers 12/28/2014
Kingdom Vol.038 Ch.414: Three Sides, None Backing Down 12/20/2014
Kingdom Vol.038 Ch.413: Voice of the Ancestral Spirits 12/13/2014
Kingdom Vol.038 Ch.412: Coming of Age Ceremony 12/6/2014
Kingdom Vol.038 Ch.411: Gathered at You 11/23/2014
Kingdom Vol.038 Ch.410: Choose One of Two 11/15/2014
Kingdom Vol.038 Ch.409: The Man Who Was Nothing 11/3/2014
Kingdom Vol.038 Ch.408: The Decisive Year 10/29/2014
Kingdom Vol.038 Ch.407: 5000-Man Commander 10/21/2014
Kingdom Vol.038 Ch.406: Parting of Ways 10/12/2014
Kingdom Vol.038 Ch.405: A New State 10/11/2014
Kingdom Vol.037 Ch.404: Lüshi Chunqiu 9/30/2014
Kingdom Vol.037 Ch.403: The Queen Mother's Goal 9/22/2014
Kingdom Vol.037 Ch.402: Activity at Kanyou 9/16/2014
Kingdom Vol.037 Ch.401: The Warring States From Now On 9/6/2014
Kingdom Vol.037 Ch.400: Fall and Retreat 8/26/2014
Kingdom Vol.037 Ch.399: Close In 8/18/2014
Kingdom Vol.037 Ch.398: Reason for not Fighting 8/4/2014
Kingdom Vol.037 Ch.397: Onwards to the Headquarters 7/28/2014
Kingdom Vol.037 Ch.396: Days upon Days of Training 7/22/2014
Kingdom Vol.037 Ch.395: Ouhon's Duty 7/14/2014
Kingdom Vol.037 Ch.394: Spectator 7/5/2014
Kingdom Vol.036 Ch.393: Third Day of Choyou 6/30/2014
Kingdom Vol.036 Ch.392: China's Attention 6/25/2014
Kingdom Vol.036 Ch.391: Loss 6/24/2014
Kingdom Vol.036 Ch.390: The History of Infighting 6/14/2014
Kingdom Vol.036 Ch.389: The Name of Shihaku 5/31/2014
Kingdom Vol.036 Ch.388: The New Gyoku Hou Unit 5/24/2014
Kingdom Vol.036 Ch.387: Exchange 5/18/2014
Kingdom Vol.036 Ch.386: Ten's Existence 5/18/2014
Kingdom Vol.036 Ch.385: Internal Discord 5/15/2014
Kingdom Vol.036 Ch.384v002: Behind the Duel 5/15/2014
Kingdom Vol.036 Ch.383: Call Out 5/11/2014
Kingdom Vol.035 Ch.382.001: Omake 1/10/2015
Kingdom Vol.035 Ch.382: The Wei Fire Dragons 5/8/2014
Kingdom Vol.035 Ch.381: Old Fashioned Person 5/8/2014
Kingdom Vol.035 Ch.380: Personal Feelings and Strategy 5/4/2014
Kingdom Vol.035 Ch.379: A New Strategical Front 5/4/2014
Kingdom Vol.035 Ch.378v002: Justice 5/4/2014
Kingdom Vol.035 Ch.378: Justice 5/3/2014
Kingdom Vol.035 Ch.377: Sword and Shield 5/1/2014
Kingdom Vol.035 Ch.376: Corridor 4/27/2014
Kingdom Vol.035 Ch.375: Jailbreak 4/27/2014
Kingdom Vol.035 Ch.374: The Siege of Tonryuu City 4/27/2014
Kingdom Vol.035 Ch.373: Great Growth 4/24/2014
Kingdom Vol.035 Ch.372: The Subjugation Army Sets Out 4/24/2014
Kingdom Vol.034 Ch.371.001: Omake 1/10/2015
Kingdom Vol.034 Ch.371.001: Omake 1/10/2015
Kingdom Vol.034 Ch.371: Tonryuu's Change 4/22/2014
Kingdom Vol.034 Ch.370: Disturbing Shadows 4/22/2014
Kingdom Vol.034 Ch.369: Signs of a Conspiracy 4/20/2014
Kingdom Vol.034 Ch.368: The Brothers, Now 4/20/2014
Kingdom Vol.034 Ch.367: The Chancellor of the State's Thoughts 4/20/2014
Kingdom Vol.034 Ch.366: The Various States After the War 4/20/2014
Kingdom Vol.034 Ch.365: Hakurou's Words 4/20/2014
Kingdom Vol.034 Ch.364v002: Two Goals 4/20/2014
Kingdom Vol.034 Ch.363: A Different Path 4/17/2014
Kingdom Vol.034 Ch.362: Antithesis 4/13/2014
Kingdom Vol.034 Ch.361: Reason For Changing 4/13/2014
Kingdom Vol.033 Ch.360.001: Queen Yotanwa-sama 7/6/2014
Kingdom Vol.033 Ch.360: True Strength of the Pinnacle 4/13/2014
Kingdom Vol.033 Ch.359: Difference in Dances 4/10/2014
Kingdom Vol.033 Ch.358: Encircling Yuu Tribe 4/10/2014
Kingdom Vol.033 Ch.357: Runaway 4/6/2014
Kingdom Vol.033 Ch.356: 3000-man Unit 4/6/2014
Kingdom Vol.033 Ch.355v002: Exceptional Service 4/10/2014
Kingdom Vol.033 Ch.354: Coalition Army's Settlement 3/30/2014
Kingdom Vol.033 Ch.353: Sincere Gratitude 3/30/2014
Kingdom Vol.033 Ch.352: Repelled 3/30/2014
Kingdom Vol.033 Ch.351.001: Spin Off: déformer Kingdom 3/30/2014
Kingdom Vol.033 Ch.351: Riboku's Decision 3/27/2014
Kingdom Vol.033 Ch.350: Flash 3/27/2014
Kingdom Vol.032 Ch.349: Light 3/23/2014
Kingdom Vol.032 Ch.348: Reason For Going 3/23/2014
Kingdom Vol.032 Ch.347: Overpowering Reinforcements 3/23/2014
Kingdom Vol.032 Ch.346: Unexpected Reinforcements 3/16/2014
Kingdom Vol.032 Ch.345: Opened City Gates 3/16/2014
Kingdom Vol.032 Ch.344: Using Up Everything 3/16/2014
Kingdom Vol.032 Ch.343: Sixth Day's Rally 3/13/2014
Kingdom Vol.032 Ch.342: Shoubunkun's Proposal 3/13/2014
Kingdom Vol.032 Ch.341: Secret Exposed 3/9/2014
Kingdom Vol.032 Ch.340: An Unexpected Development 3/9/2014
Kingdom Vol.032 Ch.339: Touring Night 3/9/2014
Kingdom Vol.031 Ch.338: The Conflicting Duo 3/6/2014
Kingdom Vol.031 Ch.337: The Man who will become one of the Three Heavens 3/6/2014
Kingdom Vol.031 Ch.336: Futei, Takes Action Lively 3/2/2014
Kingdom Vol.031 Ch.335: The First Night 3/2/2014
Kingdom Vol.031 Ch.334: Sai, Fighting On Bravely 3/2/2014
Kingdom Vol.031 Ch.333: The Eastern Wall 3/2/2014
Kingdom Vol.031 Ch.332: Announcement For Sai 2/20/2014
Kingdom Vol.031 Ch.331: Sai Readies Itself 2/20/2014
Kingdom Vol.031 Ch.330: Sei, Addresses 2/16/2014
Kingdom Vol.031 Ch.329: Borrowing A Shoulder to Lean On 2/16/2014
Kingdom Vol.031 Ch.328: The Vacated Throne 2/16/2014
Kingdom Vol.030 Ch.327: Sei's Decision 2/13/2014
Kingdom Vol.030 Ch.326: Delicious Wine 2/13/2014
Kingdom Vol.030 Ch.325: Forward 2/9/2014
Kingdom Vol.030 Ch.324: Gigantic Buffoon 2/9/2014
Kingdom Vol.030 Ch.323: Epitome of the Instinctual Type 2/9/2014
Kingdom Vol.030 Ch.322: Hyou & Hi 2/9/2014
Kingdom Vol.030 Ch.321: Dire Situation 2/6/2014
Kingdom Vol.030 Ch.320: Whereabouts of the Mastermind 2/4/2014
Kingdom Vol.030 Ch.319: Chu King's Fury 2/2/2014
Kingdom Vol.030 Ch.318: Show's Over 2/2/2014
Kingdom Vol.030 Ch.317: Inside Kankoku Pass 1/31/2014
Kingdom Vol.029 Ch.316: Victory Is Right Before Us 1/30/2014
Kingdom Vol.029 Ch.315: My Son 1/30/2014
Kingdom Vol.029 Ch.314: Deciding the Strongest 1/26/2014
Kingdom Vol.029 Ch.313: The Strongest Man 1/26/2014
Kingdom Vol.029 Ch.312: The First Time In His Life 1/26/2014
Kingdom Vol.029 Ch.311: Unveiled Service Record 1/23/2014
Kingdom Vol.029 Ch.310: The Strongest 1/23/2014
Kingdom Vol.029 Ch.309: The Path to Kanmei 1/23/2014
Kingdom Vol.029 Ch.308v002: Karin Army's Assault 1/19/2014
Kingdom Vol.029 Ch.307v002: 5000-Man Commander Kouyoku 1/19/2014
Kingdom Vol.029 Ch.306: Afternoon of the 015th Day 1/19/2014
Kingdom Vol.028 Ch.305: Ousen's Movements 1/16/2014
Kingdom Vol.028 Ch.304: Shin's Bright Idea 1/16/2014
Kingdom Vol.028 Ch.303: General's Pride 1/12/2014
Kingdom Vol.028 Ch.302: Resolve of No Return 1/12/2014
Kingdom Vol.028 Ch.301: Sea of Enemies 1/12/2014
Kingdom Vol.028 Ch.300: Danger of Falling 1/9/2014
Kingdom Vol.028 Ch.299: A New Approach 1/9/2014
Kingdom Vol.028 Ch.298: Singled Out During A Crisis 1/5/2014
Kingdom Vol.028 Ch.297: The Purpose of War Elephants 1/5/2014
Kingdom Vol.028 Ch.296: The 002nd Army Moves 1/5/2014
Kingdom Vol.028 Ch.295: A New Form 1/2/2014
Kingdom Vol.027 Ch.294: Moubu's Speech 1/2/2014
Kingdom Vol.027 Ch.293: Short Decisive Battle 1/2/2014
Kingdom Vol.027 Ch.292: Han's Weapons 12/16/2013
Kingdom Vol.027 Ch.291: Stalemate 12/16/2013
Kingdom Vol.027 Ch.290: Heroic Woman, Karin 12/16/2013
Kingdom Vol.027 Ch.289: To Evolve 12/12/2013
Kingdom Vol.027 Ch.288: First Day's Report 12/12/2013
Kingdom Vol.027 Ch.287: All of Humanity 12/12/2013
Kingdom Vol.027 Ch.286: No Answer 12/8/2013
Kingdom Vol.027 Ch.285: Barrens Littered with Holes 12/8/2013
Kingdom Vol.027 Ch.284: Incarnation of a Curse 12/8/2013
Kingdom Vol.026 Ch.283v002: Each Man's Pride 12/8/2013
Kingdom Vol.026 Ch.282: The Man Recognised by by Ouki 12/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.026 Ch.281: Bakuya Sword 12/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.026 Ch.280v002: Officers Quality 12/8/2013
Kingdom Vol.026 Ch.279: Mouten's Sword 12/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.026 Ch.278: Father & Son 11/28/2013
Kingdom Vol.026 Ch.277: Kanki, Confronts 11/28/2013
Kingdom Vol.026 Ch.276: Houmei's Hand 11/28/2013
Kingdom Vol.026 Ch.275: Instinctual Talent 11/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.026 Ch.274: Spider's Nest 11/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.026 Ch.273: Commander of the Zhao Army 11/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.025 Ch.272: Duke Hyou's Rush 11/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.025 Ch.271: Battle's Trigger 11/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.025 Ch.270: Gathering at Kankoku Pass 11/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.025 Ch.269: Four Lords of the Warring States 11/19/2013
Kingdom Vol.025 Ch.268: Assembling the Party 11/19/2013
Kingdom Vol.025 Ch.267: Checkmate on the Board 11/17/2013
Kingdom Vol.025 Ch.266: Child of Fate 11/14/2013
Kingdom Vol.025 Ch.265: Diplomacy's Job 11/14/2013
Kingdom Vol.025 Ch.264: Encroaching Coalition Army 11/14/2013
Kingdom Vol.025 Ch.263: Unimaginable 11/10/2013
Kingdom Vol.025 Ch.262: Superstate's Invasion 11/10/2013
Kingdom Vol.024 Ch.261: Signs of a Storm 11/10/2013
Kingdom Vol.024 Ch.260: A Warrior's Body 11/7/2013
Kingdom Vol.024 Ch.259: Chu & Zhao 11/7/2013
Kingdom Vol.024 Ch.258: Jo's Livelihood 11/7/2013
Kingdom Vol.024 Ch.257: Small Kingdom 11/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.024 Ch.256: Chancellor of the Left 11/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.024 Ch.255: Chancellor of State 11/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.024 Ch.254: Chu's Young Generation 11/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.024 Ch.253: Meaningless Battle 10/31/2013
Kingdom Vol.024 Ch.252: Gekishin's Battle 10/31/2013
Kingdom Vol.024 Ch.251v002: General of Yan 10/31/2013
Kingdom Vol.023 Ch.250.001: Side Story 10/27/2013
Kingdom Vol.023 Ch.250: Tougun 10/27/2013
Kingdom Vol.023 Ch.249: The Hi Shin Unit's Strategist 10/27/2013
Kingdom Vol.023 Ch.248: One Step Ahead 10/17/2013
Kingdom Vol.023 Ch.247: Strategist's First Battle 10/17/2013
Kingdom Vol.023 Ch.246: Ten's Resolve 10/17/2013
Kingdom Vol.023 Ch.245: Arrival of the Strategist 10/13/2013
Kingdom Vol.023 Ch.244: Shin's Battle Plan 10/13/2013
Kingdom Vol.023 Ch.243: Reward of Service 10/13/2013
Kingdom Vol.023 Ch.242: Sending Off 10/10/2013
Kingdom Vol.023 Ch.241: One and Only 10/10/2013
Kingdom Vol.023 Ch.240: Checkmate 10/10/2013
Kingdom Vol.022 Ch.239: Surprisingly 10/7/2013
Kingdom Vol.022 Ch.238: Selfishly 10/7/2013
Kingdom Vol.022 Ch.237v002: That Era 10/7/2013
Kingdom Vol.022 Ch.236: Renpa's Fury 10/6/2013
Kingdom Vol.022 Ch.235: Passion 10/6/2013
Kingdom Vol.022 Ch.234: Final Stretch in One Push 10/3/2013
Kingdom Vol.022 Ch.233: Precious Comrade 10/3/2013
Kingdom Vol.022 Ch.232: Lone Struggle 10/3/2013
Kingdom Vol.022 Ch.231: Will of The Heavens 9/29/2013
Kingdom Vol.022 Ch.230: An Instant 9/29/2013
Kingdom Vol.022 Ch.229: Contest of Wits 9/29/2013
Kingdom Vol.021 Ch.228: Planning Time 9/29/2013
Kingdom Vol.021 Ch.227: Long Years of Consideration 9/26/2013
Kingdom Vol.021 Ch.226: Banter 9/26/2013
Kingdom Vol.021 Ch.225: Rindou 9/26/2013
Kingdom Vol.021 Ch.224: The Final Morning 9/20/2013
Kingdom Vol.021 Ch.223: Lull 9/19/2013
Kingdom Vol.021 Ch.222: General's Calibre 9/19/2013
Kingdom Vol.021 Ch.221: Underneath the Underneath 9/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.021 Ch.220: Heki, Confused 9/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.021 Ch.219: Overcome 9/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.021 Ch.218: Heki Unit 9/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.020 Ch.217: Shin, In One Breath 9/12/2013
Kingdom Vol.020 Ch.216: Closing In 9/12/2013
Kingdom Vol.020 Ch.215: Rinko's Soldiers 9/12/2013
Kingdom Vol.020 Ch.214: Cooperative Battle 9/8/2013
Kingdom Vol.020 Ch.213v002: Mouten's Proposal 9/9/2013
Kingdom Vol.020 Ch.212: Villain 9/8/2013
Kingdom Vol.020 Ch.211v002: Vice-Generals Begin to Move 9/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.020 Ch.210v002: Led by the Nose 9/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.020 Ch.209v002: Genpou Dominates 9/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.020 Ch.208: Enemy Command Squad's Location 9/2/2013
Kingdom Vol.020 Ch.207: Genbou Joins the Fray 9/2/2013
Kingdom Vol.019 Ch.206: The Hi Shin Unit's Battle Plan 9/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.019 Ch.205: Killer Spear Technique 9/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.019 Ch.204: Hastily Assembled Unit 9/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.019 Ch.203: Embrace 8/29/2013
Kingdom Vol.019 Ch.202: Announcement 8/29/2013
Kingdom Vol.019 Ch.201: Shin's Voice 8/29/2013
Kingdom Vol.019 Ch.200: 1000-Man Commander 8/25/2013
Kingdom Vol.019 Ch.199: A Strange Habit 8/25/2013
Kingdom Vol.019 Ch.198: Ouki and Renpa 8/25/2013
Kingdom Vol.019 Ch.197: Air of a General 8/25/2013
Kingdom Vol.019 Ch.196: Flying Spear 8/25/2013
Kingdom Vol.018 Ch.195: Night at Kinrikan 8/22/2013
Kingdom Vol.018 Ch.194: The Man Known as Renpa 8/22/2013
Kingdom Vol.018 Ch.193: My Way 8/22/2013
Kingdom Vol.018 Ch.192: The Reality of Invasion 8/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.018 Ch.191: Gyoku Hou's Might 8/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.018 Ch.190: Siege 8/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.018 Ch.189: Assemble 8/12/2013
Kingdom Vol.018 Ch.188: Backing the Dark Horse 8/12/2013
Kingdom Vol.018 Ch.187: Kou, Conveys 8/11/2013
Kingdom Vol.018 Ch.186: Vestige of Beauty 8/11/2013
Kingdom Vol.018 Ch.185: Mother and Son 8/11/2013
Kingdom Vol.017 Ch.184v002: Queen Mother 8/9/2013
Kingdom Vol.017 Ch.183: Third Faction 8/8/2013
Kingdom Vol.017 Ch.182: Outsmart 8/8/2013
Kingdom Vol.017 Ch.181: Ant 8/4/2013
Kingdom Vol.017 Ch.180: Preliminary Battles 8/4/2013
Kingdom Vol.017 Ch.179: 005 Years 8/4/2013
Kingdom Vol.017 Ch.178: Celebratory Banquet 8/4/2013
Kingdom Vol.017 Ch.177v002: Negotiation 8/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.017 Ch.176: Proposition 8/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.017 Ch.175: Riboku, Kanyou Bound 8/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.017 Ch.174: Three Hundred Man Commander 8/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.016 Ch.173: Battle's End 7/28/2013
Kingdom Vol.016 Ch.172: Inheritance 7/28/2013
Kingdom Vol.016 Ch.171: A General's View 7/28/2013
Kingdom Vol.016 Ch.170: Great General of the Heavens 7/28/2013
Kingdom Vol.016 Ch.169: Border of Death 7/25/2013
Kingdom Vol.016 Ch.168v002: A New Era 8/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.016 Ch.167: Qin's Military Prestige 7/25/2013
Kingdom Vol.016 Ch.166: Like Oil & Water 7/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.016 Ch.165: Source of Strength 7/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.016 Ch.164: Chance Meeting 7/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.016 Ch.163v002: Kyou's Secret 7/16/2013
Kingdom Vol.015 Ch.162: Kyou's True Identity 7/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.015 Ch.161: Individual Might 7/11/2013
Kingdom Vol.015 Ch.160: Commanders in Sight 7/11/2013
Kingdom Vol.015 Ch.159: Prediction 7/11/2013
Kingdom Vol.015 Ch.158: Star of the Show 7/9/2013
Kingdom Vol.015 Ch.157: Raising Morale 7/9/2013
Kingdom Vol.015 Ch.156: Arrival 7/9/2013
Kingdom Vol.015 Ch.155: Northern Army 7/9/2013
Kingdom Vol.015 Ch.154: Moubu falls for The Trap 7/9/2013
Kingdom Vol.014 Ch.153: Flag 7/4/2013
Kingdom Vol.014 Ch.152: Trap 7/4/2013
Kingdom Vol.014 Ch.151: Moubu Approaches 7/4/2013
Kingdom Vol.014 Ch.150: Ouki's True Strength 7/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.014 Ch.149: Rallying 7/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.014 Ch.148: Friend 7/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.014 Ch.147: The Bi Brothers 7/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.014 Ch.146: Failure 7/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.014 Ch.145: Team Attack Plan 6/27/2013
Kingdom Vol.014 Ch.144: Defeatable 6/27/2013
Kingdom Vol.014 Ch.143: Hard to Grasp 6/27/2013
Kingdom Vol.014 Ch.142: Nine Years Since 6/23/2013
Kingdom Vol.014 Ch.141: Divine Skill 6/23/2013
Kingdom Vol.013 Ch.140: Two Against One 6/23/2013
Kingdom Vol.013 Ch.139: Natural Calamity 6/23/2013
Kingdom Vol.013 Ch.138: Night Time Strike 6/23/2013
Kingdom Vol.013 Ch.137: Appearance 6/20/2013
Kingdom Vol.013 Ch.136: Pursuit 6/20/2013
Kingdom Vol.013 Ch.135: Withdrawal 6/20/2013
Kingdom Vol.013 Ch.134: Winning Strategy 6/16/2013
Kingdom Vol.013 Ch.133: Breakthrough 6/16/2013
Kingdom Vol.013 Ch.132: Strength 6/16/2013
Kingdom Vol.013 Ch.131: Second Day 6/16/2013
Kingdom Vol.013 Ch.130v002: Fame 6/17/2013
Kingdom Vol.012 Ch.129: Arrow 6/13/2013
Kingdom Vol.012 Ch.128: One Hundred Shares 6/13/2013
Kingdom Vol.012 Ch.127: Outplayed 6/13/2013
Kingdom Vol.012 Ch.126: Hand Picked Troops 6/2/2013
Kingdom Vol.012 Ch.125: Distance 6/2/2013
Kingdom Vol.012 Ch.124: To Catch Off Guard 6/2/2013
Kingdom Vol.012 Ch.123: Left Army in Chaos 6/2/2013
Kingdom Vol.012 Ch.122: Assault 6/2/2013
Kingdom Vol.012 Ch.121: Sneaking 5/30/2013
Kingdom Vol.012 Ch.120: Mission 5/30/2013
Kingdom Vol.012 Ch.119: The Vanguard Advances 5/30/2013
Kingdom Vol.011 Ch.118: Two Armies Aligned 5/26/2013
Kingdom Vol.011 Ch.117: Reason 5/26/2013
Kingdom Vol.011 Ch.116: Crystallisation of Martial Skill 5/26/2013
Kingdom Vol.011 Ch.115: Houken 5/26/2013
Kingdom Vol.011 Ch.114: Ouki Sets Out 5/26/2013
Kingdom Vol.011 Ch.113: Bayou 5/23/2013
Kingdom Vol.011 Ch.112: Gathering Comrades 5/23/2013
Kingdom Vol.011 Ch.111: Appointment 5/23/2013
Kingdom Vol.011 Ch.110: Strength of a General 5/20/2013
Kingdom Vol.011 Ch.109: Zhao Devastates 5/20/2013
Kingdom Vol.011 Ch.108: Three Great Heavens 5/20/2013
Kingdom Vol.010 Ch.107: Stateless Area 5/19/2013
Kingdom Vol.010 Ch.106: Training Request 5/19/2013
Kingdom Vol.010 Ch.105: Naked Socialising 5/17/2013
Kingdom Vol.010 Ch.104: Night Time Chat 5/17/2013
Kingdom Vol.010 Ch.103: Strategist 5/17/2013
Kingdom Vol.010 Ch.102: It's All Up to Me 5/12/2013
Kingdom Vol.010 Ch.101: A New Path 5/12/2013
Kingdom Vol.010 Ch.100: The Two of Them 5/12/2013
Kingdom Vol.010 Ch.099: Six Great Generals 5/9/2013
Kingdom Vol.010 Ch.098: Royal Hearing 5/9/2013
Kingdom Vol.010 Ch.097: The Enigmatic Man 5/9/2013
Kingdom Vol.009 Ch.096: Ryo's Faction 5/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.009 Ch.095: Law 5/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.009 Ch.094: Ritual 5/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.009 Ch.093: True Identity 5/2/2013
Kingdom Vol.009 Ch.092: Secret 5/2/2013
Kingdom Vol.009 Ch.091: True Skill 5/2/2013
Kingdom Vol.009 Ch.090: Buying Time 4/30/2013
Kingdom Vol.009 Ch.089v002: Weak Point 4/30/2013
Kingdom Vol.009 Ch.089: Weak Point 4/30/2013
Kingdom Vol.009 Ch.088: Comrade 4/30/2013
Kingdom Vol.009 Ch.087: A Thousand Year Name 4/30/2013
Kingdom Vol.009 Ch.086: Mastermind 4/30/2013
Kingdom Vol.008 Ch.085: Kyoukai's Dance 4/25/2013
Kingdom Vol.008 Ch.084: Assassin's Strike 4/25/2013
Kingdom Vol.008 Ch.083: Shiyuu 4/25/2013
Kingdom Vol.008 Ch.082: Hundred-Man Commander 4/25/2013
Kingdom Vol.008 Ch.081: Farewell 4/21/2013
Kingdom Vol.008 Ch.080: Separation 4/21/2013
Kingdom Vol.008 Ch.079: Ghosts 4/21/2013
Kingdom Vol.008 Ch.078: Solitude 4/21/2013
Kingdom Vol.008 Ch.077: Passing Checkpoints 4/17/2013
Kingdom Vol.008 Ch.076: Black Market Merchant 4/17/2013
Kingdom Vol.008 Ch.075: The Past 4/17/2013
Kingdom Vol.007 Ch.074: Attendance 4/14/2013
Kingdom Vol.007 Ch.073: Return Home 4/14/2013
Kingdom Vol.007 Ch.072v002: Fallen Kingdom 4/18/2013
Kingdom Vol.007 Ch.071: Showdown of the Generals 4/14/2013
Kingdom Vol.007 Ch.070: Two Heroes 4/14/2013
Kingdom Vol.007 Ch.069: Pincer Attack 4/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.007 Ch.068: General 4/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.007 Ch.067: A General's Talents 4/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.007 Ch.066: Types of Generals 4/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.007 Ch.065: Intruder 4/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.007 Ch.064: The Commander's Words 4/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.006 Ch.063: Miracle 4/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.006 Ch.062: Closing In 4/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.006 Ch.061: Honour and Reward 4/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.006 Ch.060: Surge of Cavalry 4/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.006 Ch.059: Sense of Smell 4/1/2013
Kingdom Vol.006 Ch.058v002: Duel 3/29/2013
Kingdom Vol.006 Ch.057: Kyoukai's Rampart 3/29/2013
Kingdom Vol.006 Ch.056v002: War Chariot Unit 3/29/2013
Kingdom Vol.006 Ch.055: Battle of a Go 3/29/2013
Kingdom Vol.006 Ch.054: Five Bodies as One 3/29/2013
Kingdom Vol.006 Ch.053: Organising the Army 3/29/2013
Kingdom Vol.005 Ch.052.001: Memories of Kokuhi Village 3/26/2013
Kingdom Vol.005 Ch.051: Reunion 3/26/2013
Kingdom Vol.005 Ch.050: The Wei Army 3/26/2013
Kingdom Vol.005 Ch.049: Go 3/26/2013
Kingdom Vol.005 Ch.048: Recruitment 3/26/2013
Kingdom Vol.005 Ch.047: First Castle 3/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.005 Ch.046: Brothers 3/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.005 Ch.045: Confrontation 3/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.005 Ch.044: King Sho 3/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.005 Ch.043: The Monstrous Bird Arrives 3/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.005 Ch.042: Illusion 3/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.004 Ch.041: Decisive Blow 3/16/2013
Kingdom Vol.004 Ch.040: Evil 3/16/2013
Kingdom Vol.004 Ch.039: Bajio 3/16/2013
Kingdom Vol.004 Ch.038: Rankai 3/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.004 Ch.037: Revenge 3/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.004 Ch.036: The Laughing Prince 3/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.004 Ch.035: Combined Strength 3/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.004 Ch.034: Frenzy 3/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.004 Ch.033: Provocation 3/15/2013
Kingdom Vol.004 Ch.032: Hitman 3/14/2013
Kingdom Vol.004 Ch.031: Gikou's Crossbow Team 3/14/2013
Kingdom Vol.003 Ch.030: Meeting 3/14/2013
Kingdom Vol.003 Ch.029: As Fast as Lightning 3/10/2013
Kingdom Vol.003 Ch.028: Vanguard 3/10/2013
Kingdom Vol.003 Ch.027: Open Gate 3/10/2013
Kingdom Vol.003 Ch.026: The Royal Capital, Kanyou 3/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.003 Ch.025: 003 000 vs 080 000 3/5/2013
Kingdom Vol.003 Ch.024: A Dream of Horses 3/3/2013
Kingdom Vol.003 Ch.023: The Royal Heir's Throne 3/3/2013
Kingdom Vol.003 Ch.022: Alliance 3/3/2013
Kingdom Vol.003 Ch.021: Deliberation 2/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.003 Ch.020: Yotanwa 2/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.002 Ch.019: A Surprising New World 2/24/2013
Kingdom Vol.002 Ch.018: Commitment 2/18/2013
Kingdom Vol.002 Ch.017: Encounter 2/18/2013
Kingdom Vol.002 Ch.016: Horse and Wine for Three Hundred Soldiers 6/14/2012
Kingdom Vol.002 Ch.015: Prime Minister Lu 5/18/2012
Kingdom Vol.002 Ch.014: The Path to being a General 2/8/2012
Kingdom Vol.002 Ch.013: A heated Battle 1/21/2012
Kingdom Vol.002 Ch.012: Loyal Retainer 12/30/2011
Kingdom Vol.002 Ch.011: Conviction 2/25/2013
Kingdom Vol.002 Ch.010: Off Guard 3/18/2013
Kingdom Vol.001 Ch.009: Mountain Dwellers 11/22/2011
Kingdom Vol.001 Ch.008: Qin's Monstrous Bird 3/18/2013
Kingdom Vol.001 Ch.007: The Visitor From The West 3/18/2013
Kingdom Vol.001 Ch.006: Piao's Resolve 3/18/2013
Kingdom Vol.001 Ch.005 9/13/2011
Kingdom Vol.001 Ch.004 9/12/2011
Kingdom Vol.001 Ch.003 9/12/2011
Kingdom Vol.001 Ch.002 9/12/2011
Kingdom Vol.001 Ch.001 9/12/2011
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