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Other name: ウロボロス; ウロボロス 警察ヲ裁クハ我ニアリ; 无间型警; 無間雙龍; Uroboros; Uroborosu

Genres: Action, Drama, Mystery, Seinen

Author: Kanzaki Yuuya

Status: Ongoing           Views: 338,146           Bookmark


Ikuo Ryuuzaki and Danno Tatsuya are 2 orphaned boys who were looked after by a person they called 'sensei'. Following their sensei's brutal murder, the two vow to hunt down the killers and the police officers who neglected to properly investigate the case.

15 years later, Ryuuzaki is a police detective and Tatsuya has become the leader of a group of mobsters. Helping each other out behind the scenes, they strive to rise to the tops of their respective fields so that they may exact their vengeance.

Chapter Name Day Added
Ouroboros Vol.011 Ch.076: Involvement 9/19/2015
Ouroboros Vol.010 Ch.075: Manouevring 8/31/2015
Ouroboros Vol.010 Ch.074: Lull 7/1/2015
Ouroboros Vol.010 Ch.073: Rejection 6/28/2015
Ouroboros Vol.010 Ch.072: Patrolling 6/6/2015
Ouroboros Vol.009 Ch.071.003: Episode zero: three 5/1/2015
Ouroboros Vol.009 Ch.071.002: Episode zero: two 4/19/2015
Ouroboros Vol.009 Ch.071.001: Episode zero: one 4/4/2015
Ouroboros Vol.009 Ch.071: Seal 3/30/2015
Ouroboros Vol.009 Ch.070: Aiming 3/20/2015
Ouroboros Vol.008 Ch.069: Festival 3/8/2015
Ouroboros Vol.008 Ch.068: Bare 2/22/2015
Ouroboros Vol.008 Ch.067: Ruin 2/16/2015
Ouroboros Vol.008 Ch.066: Degrading 1/30/2015
Ouroboros Vol.008 Ch.065: Hook 1/13/2015
Ouroboros Vol.008 Ch.064: Act 1/7/2015
Ouroboros Vol.008 Ch.063: Obsession 1/7/2015
Ouroboros Vol.008 Ch.062: Desire 1/4/2015
Ouroboros Vol.008 Ch.061: Ridicule 12/29/2014
Ouroboros Vol.007 Ch.060: Difference 12/23/2014
Ouroboros Vol.007 Ch.059: Partner 12/20/2014
Ouroboros Vol.007 Ch.058: White 12/19/2014
Ouroboros Vol.007 Ch.057: Zero 12/16/2014
Ouroboros Vol.007 Ch.056: Danger 11/30/2014
Ouroboros Vol.007 Ch.053: Factions 5/29/2014
Ouroboros Vol.007 Ch.052: Punishment 3/28/2014
Ouroboros Vol.006 Ch.051: Twist 2/13/2014
Ouroboros Vol.006 Ch.050: Seal 1/5/2014
Ouroboros Vol.006 Ch.049: Green 11/25/2013
Ouroboros Vol.006 Ch.048: Blade 9/22/2013
Ouroboros Vol.006 Ch.047: Portrait 8/13/2013
Ouroboros Vol.006 Ch.046: Assault 7/27/2013
Ouroboros Vol.006 Ch.045: Target 7/9/2013
Ouroboros Vol.006 Ch.044: Sakura 6/21/2013
Ouroboros Vol.005 Ch.043: Limbs 5/17/2013
Ouroboros Vol.005 Ch.042: New 5/17/2013
Ouroboros Vol.005 Ch.041: Unusual 5/17/2013
Ouroboros Vol.005 Ch.040: Father 3/9/2013
Ouroboros Vol.005 Ch.039: Smokescreen 2/27/2013
Ouroboros Vol.005 Ch.038: Awakening 1/29/2013
Ouroboros Vol.005 Ch.037: Soar 1/19/2013
Ouroboros Vol.005 Ch.036: Sin 1/9/2013
Ouroboros Vol.005 Ch.035: Abuse 12/30/2012
Ouroboros Vol.004 Ch.034: Revolution 12/18/2012
Ouroboros Vol.004 Ch.033: Beast 12/8/2012
Ouroboros Vol.004 Ch.032: Attack 11/28/2012
Ouroboros Vol.004 Ch.031: Public 11/18/2012
Ouroboros Vol.004 Ch.030: Infiltration 11/8/2012
Ouroboros Vol.004 Ch.029: Disguise 10/29/2012
Ouroboros Vol.004 Ch.028: End 10/19/2012
Ouroboros Vol.004 Ch.027: Ugly 10/9/2012
Ouroboros Vol.004 Ch.026: Past 9/29/2012
Ouroboros Vol.003 Ch.025: Alteration 9/19/2012
Ouroboros Vol.003 Ch.024: Flower 9/16/2012
Ouroboros Vol.003 Ch.023: Trap 7/30/2012
Ouroboros Vol.003 Ch.022: Investigate 7/20/2012
Ouroboros Vol.003 Ch.021: Violence 7/7/2012
Ouroboros 020 Read Online 7/5/2012
Ouroboros 019 Read Online 7/5/2012
Ouroboros 018: Empty 7/5/2012
Ouroboros 017: Lost 5/19/2012
Ouroboros 016: Treachery 5/12/2012
Ouroboros 015: Seal 2/10/2012
Ouroboros 014: Kill 2/10/2012
Ouroboros 013: Conceived 1/22/2012
Ouroboros 012: Scar 1/11/2012
Ouroboros 011: Bond 1/11/2012
Ouroboros 010: Mistake 1/11/2012
Ouroboros 009: Connection 1/11/2012
Ouroboros 008: Fist 1/11/2012
Ouroboros 007: Loop 1/11/2012
Ouroboros 006: Trust 1/11/2012
Ouroboros 005: Back 1/11/2012
Ouroboros 004: Woman 1/11/2012
Ouroboros 003: Secret 1/11/2012
Ouroboros 002: Drug 1/11/2012
Ouroboros 001: Ryou the Dragon 1/11/2012
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