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Sabaku no Yuuwaku

Other name: 砂漠の誘惑シリーズ; 砂漠の誘惑シリーズ I だまされた花嫁; 砂漠の誘惑シリーズ II 愛を捨てたシーク; Ai o Suteta Sheikh; Damasareta Hanayome; Desert's Temptations series; The Sheikh's Contract Bride; The Sheikh's Reluctant Bride

Genres: Josei, Romance

Author: Teresa Southwick, ASOU Ayumu, OKAMOTO Keiko

Status: Completed           Views: 41,317           Bookmark


Volume 1 ~ The Sheikh's Reluctant Bride (Damasareta Hanayome)

After her mother's death, Jessica gows up in a foster care believing herself to be an orphan. The discovery of her mother's family in Bha'Khar, a desert kingdom far away from the States, fills her with much wonder and anxiety. As she leaves for Bha'Khar, she is surprised to find a royal jet as well as Sheikh Kardahl, second in line to the throne, waiting for her. To Jessica's amazement, he says, "You are my betrothed, chosen by my family. You are my bride."

Volume 2 ~ The Sheikh's Contract Bride (Ai o Suteta Sheikh)

Beth would do anything for her twin sister, Addie, who has been betrothed to a sheikh from young age and has led a life of high expectation and heavy responsibility. Beth, unlike her sister, spent a lonesome childhood receiving little attention from her parents. The twins have grown up trusting and depending on each other. As the day of meeting the sheikh nears, Addie confides in Beth with her secret love for another man. To save her dearest Addie, Beth decides to go to the desert kingdom of Bha'Khar, pretending to be her twin sister!

Chapter Name Day Added
Sabaku no Yuuwaku v002 2/4/2012
Sabaku no Yuuwaku v001 2/4/2012
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