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Other name: 三國志 (YOKOYAMA Mitsuteru); Records of the Three Kingdoms; Romance of the Three Kingdoms; Sangokushi (YOKOYAMA Mitsuteru); The Records of the Three Kingdoms.

Genres: Action, Drama, Historical, Shounen, Tragedy

Author: YOKOYAMA Mitsuteru

Status: Ongoing           Views: 167,588           Bookmark


A manga adaptation of the famous Chinese literary classic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Chapter Name Day Added
Sangokushi Vol.041 Ch.275: Well-Laid Plan 11/15/2014
Sangokushi Vol.041 Ch.274: Holding Off Pursuit 11/15/2014
Sangokushi Vol.041 Ch.273: Stinging Defeat 11/15/2014
Sangokushi Vol.041 Ch.272: Fu Shiren and Mi Fang 11/15/2014
Sangokushi Vol.041 Ch.271: Rain Storm 11/15/2014
Sangokushi Vol.041 Ch.270: Capture of Jingzhou 11/15/2014
Sangokushi Vol.041 Ch.269: Guan Yu and Lu Xun 11/15/2014
Sangokushi Vol.041 Ch.268: Deliberation at Jianye 11/15/2014
Sangokushi Vol.041 Ch.267: Doctor and Patient 11/15/2014
Sangokushi Vol.041 Ch.266: Death Ground 11/15/2014
Sangokushi Vol.040 Ch.265: Pang De of Nan'An 9/22/2014
Sangokushi Vol.040 Ch.264: Coffee 9/22/2014
Sangokushi Vol.040 Ch.263: Smoke Beacons 9/22/2014
Sangokushi Vol.040 Ch.262: Non-Aggression Pact 9/22/2014
Sangokushi Vol.040 Ch.261: King of Hanzhong 9/22/2014
Sangokushi Vol.040 Ch.260: Desperate Rretreat 9/22/2014
Sangokushi Vol.040 Ch.259: Chicken Ribs 9/22/2014
Sangokushi Vol.040 Ch.258: Cao Zhang 9/22/2014
Sangokushi Vol.039 Ch.257: The Wise Drown in Their Own Wisdom 9/7/2014
Sangokushi Vol.039 Ch.256 Read Online 9/7/2014
Sangokushi Vol.039 Ch.255: To Put the River to One's Rear 9/7/2014
Sangokushi Vol.039 Ch.254: Lone Cavalryman 9/6/2014
Sangokushi Vol.039 Ch.253: Zhao Zilong 9/5/2014
Sangokushi Vol.039 Ch.252 Read Online 9/3/2014
Sangokushi Vol.039 Ch.251: Hostage Trade 9/1/2014
Sangokushi Vol.039 Ch.250: Dingjun Offensive 8/31/2014
Sangokushi Vol.038 Ch.249 Read Online 7/6/2014
Sangokushi Vol.038 Ch.248 Read Online 7/3/2014
Sangokushi Vol.038 Ch.247 Read Online 7/2/2014
Sangokushi Vol.038 Ch.246 Read Online 7/1/2014
Sangokushi Vol.038 Ch.245: Wakou Pass 6/30/2014
Sangokushi Vol.038 Ch.244: Fine Wine at Camp 6/28/2014
Sangokushi Vol.038 Ch.243v002: Storm Clouds 6/28/2014
Sangokushi Vol.038 Ch.243: Storm Clouds 6/26/2014
Sangokushi Vol.038 Ch.242v002: Lunar New Year 7/6/2014
Sangokushi Vol.038 Ch.242 Read Online 6/24/2014
Sangokushi Vol.037 Ch.241: Prophecy 5/25/2014
Sangokushi Vol.037 Ch.240: The Divinator of Pingyuan 5/25/2014
Sangokushi Vol.037 Ch.239 Read Online 5/23/2014
Sangokushi Vol.037 Ch.238 Read Online 5/22/2014
Sangokushi Vol.037 Ch.237: All-Out Attack 5/17/2014
Sangokushi Vol.037 Ch.236: Hundred Horsemen 5/14/2014
Sangokushi Vol.037 Ch.235 Read Online 5/13/2014
Sangokushi Vol.037 Ch.234: Battle of Xiaoyao Ford 5/11/2014
Sangokushi Vol.037 Ch.233v002: Wu is Moved 5/25/2014
Sangokushi Vol.037 Ch.233 Read Online 5/6/2014
Sangokushi Vol.036 Ch.232: Pacification of Hanzhong 12/17/2013
Sangokushi Vol.036 Ch.231 Read Online 12/15/2013
Sangokushi Vol.036 Ch.230: Pang De of Xiliang 12/13/2013
Sangokushi Vol.036 Ch.229: Battle in Thick Fog 12/10/2013
Sangokushi Vol.036 Ch.228: Western Expansion 12/7/2013
Sangokushi Vol.036 Ch.227: Fatal Mission 12/4/2013
Sangokushi Vol.036 Ch.226: Linjiang Pavillion 12/1/2013
Sangokushi Vol.035 Ch.225: Capture of Chengdu 9/9/2013
Sangokushi Vol.035 Ch.224: Ma Chao's Capitulation 9/8/2013
Sangokushi Vol.035 Ch.223: Behind-The-Scenes Maneuvering 9/8/2013
Sangokushi Vol.035 Ch.222: Hanzhong sends Ma Chao 8/31/2013
Sangokushi Vol.035 Ch.221: Luocheng Falls 8/29/2013
Sangokushi Vol.035 Ch.220: Jinyan Bridge 8/23/2013
Sangokushi Vol.035 Ch.219: Arrival of Reinforcements 8/20/2013
Sangokushi Vol.034 Ch.218: Lure 6/21/2013
Sangokushi Vol.034 Ch.217: Clearing the Forest 6/19/2013
Sangokushi Vol.034 Ch.216: Falling Star 6/18/2013
Sangokushi Vol.034 Ch.215: Ebbing Tide 6/16/2013
Sangokushi Vol.034 Ch.214: Fall of the Phoenix 6/16/2013
Sangokushi Vol.034 Ch.213: Lake Bottom 6/13/2013
Sangokushi Vol.034 Ch.212: To Steal a March 6/11/2013
Sangokushi Vol.034 Ch.211: High Priest of the Azure Realm 6/8/2013
Sangokushi Vol.034 Ch.210: Safeguard 6/7/2013
Sangokushi Vol.033 Ch.209: Three Options 4/22/2013
Sangokushi Vol.033 Ch.208: The Two Suns 4/20/2013
Sangokushi Vol.033 Ch.207: Cao Cao Marches South 4/19/2013
Sangokushi Vol.033 Ch.206: A Most Valuable Asset 4/18/2013
Sangokushi Vol.033 Ch.205: Sword Dance 4/17/2013
Sangokushi Vol.033 Ch.204: Advance 4/16/2013
Sangokushi Vol.033 Ch.203: Fa Zheng and Meng Da 4/13/2013
Sangokushi Vol.033 Ch.202: Grand Map Of 041 Countries Of Shu 4/13/2013
Sangokushi Vol.032 Ch.201: 100 Beatings 2/19/2013
Sangokushi Vol.032 Ch.200: New Writings of Mengde 2/17/2013
Sangokushi Vol.032 Ch.199: Shu 2/13/2013
Sangokushi Vol.032 Ch.198: Daoist State Hanzhong 2/11/2013
Sangokushi Vol.032 Ch.197: Ma Chao Flees 2/8/2013
Sangokushi Vol.032 Ch.196: Estrangement 2/4/2013
Sangokushi Vol.032 Ch.195: Reconcile 2/2/2013
Sangokushi Vol.032 Ch.194: Challenge to a Duel 1/31/2013
Sangokushi Vol.032 Ch.193: A Fortress Overnight 1/29/2013
Sangokushi Vol.031 Ch.192: Attack by Fire and Water 12/12/2012
Sangokushi Vol.031 Ch.191: Empty Camps 12/12/2012
Sangokushi Vol.031 Ch.190: River Crossing Plan 2/2/2013
Sangokushi Vol.031 Ch.189: Frontal Clash 12/8/2012
Sangokushi Vol.031 Ch.188: Derision 12/7/2012
Sangokushi Vol.031 Ch.187 Read Online 12/6/2012
Sangokushi Vol.031 Ch.186 Read Online 12/6/2012
Sangokushi Vol.030 Ch.185 Read Online 12/4/2012
Sangokushi Vol.030 Ch.184: Secret Informer 8/21/2012
Sangokushi Vol.030 Ch.183: Ma Teng and the Ma Family 8/20/2012
Sangokushi Vol.030 Ch.182 Read Online 8/18/2012
Sangokushi Vol.030 Ch.181 Read Online 8/15/2012
Sangokushi Vol.030 Ch.180 Read Online 8/13/2012
Sangokushi Vol.030 Ch.179: Back-And-Forth 8/12/2012
Sangokushi Vol.030 Ch.178: Bronze Bird Terrace 8/10/2012
Sangokushi Vol.030 Ch.177 Read Online 8/8/2012
Sangokushi Vol.029 Ch.176: Female Warrior 8/4/2012
Sangokushi Vol.029 Ch.175: Escape 8/2/2012
Sangokushi Vol.029 Ch.174 Read Online 7/31/2012
Sangokushi Vol.029 Ch.173: Cross-Split Rock 7/28/2012
Sangokushi Vol.029 Ch.172: Temple of Sweet Dew 7/27/2012
Sangokushi Vol.029 Ch.171: Marriage Plot 7/24/2012
Sangokushi Vol.029 Ch.170: Promissory Note 7/23/2012
Sangokushi Vol.029 Ch.169: Taishi Ci's End 7/20/2012
Sangokushi Vol.029 Ch.168: Defense of Hefei 5/11/2014
Sangokushi Vol.028 Ch.168 Read Online 7/19/2012
Sangokushi Vol.028 Ch.167: Huang Zhong's Arrow 7/14/2012
Sangokushi Vol.028 Ch.166 Read Online 7/13/2012
Sangokushi Vol.028 Ch.165: Zhang Fei Captures Wu Ling 7/10/2012
Sangokushi Vol.028 Ch.164: Sister-in-Law 7/7/2012
Sangokushi Vol.028 Ch.163: Capture of Guiyang 7/6/2012
Sangokushi Vol.028 Ch.162: Deceit Upon Deceit 7/5/2012
Sangokushi Vol.028 Ch.161: Read Online 7/2/2012
Sangokushi Vol.027 Ch.160: Jingzhou's Master 4/25/2012
Sangokushi Vol.027 Ch.159: Without a Drop of Blood 4/23/2012
Sangokushi Vol.027 Ch.158: Dispirited Troops 4/22/2012
Sangokushi Vol.027 Ch.157: Cao Cao's Secret Strategy 4/22/2012
Sangokushi Vol.027 Ch.156: A Single Scroll 4/15/2012
Sangokushi Vol.027 Ch.155: Capture of Yiling 4/14/2012
Sangokushi Vol.027 Ch.154 Read Online 4/13/2012
Sangokushi Vol.027 Ch.153: Right of First Attack 4/12/2012
Sangokushi Vol.026 Ch.152: Fruitless Ambush 4/12/2012
Sangokushi Vol.026 Ch.151: Huarong Valley 4/12/2012
Sangokushi Vol.026 Ch.150: Smoke 1/16/2012
Sangokushi Vol.026 Ch.149: Endless Retreat 1/15/2012
Sangokushi Vol.026 Ch.148: Battle of Red Cliffs 1/13/2012
Sangokushi Vol.026 Ch.147: Blue Dragon Flag 1/13/2012
Sangokushi Vol.026 Ch.146: Written Oath 1/12/2012
Sangokushi Vol.026 Ch.145: Southeast Winds 1/12/2012
Sangokushi Vol.026 Ch.144: Gust 1/10/2012
Sangokushi Vol.025 Ch.137-143: Prelude to the Battle of Red Cliffs 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.024 Ch.129-136: Kongming's Persuasion 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.023 Ch.123-128: Battle of Changban 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.022 Ch.117-122: Kongming's First Battle 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.022 Ch.117-122: Kongming's First Battle 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.021 Ch.108-116: Kongming Steps Forth 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.021 Ch.108-116: Kongming Steps Forth 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.020 Ch.103-107: Liu Bei and the Hex Marked Horse 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.020 Ch.103-107: Liu Bei and the Hex Marked Horse 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.019 Ch.098-102: The Dark Clouds of Wu 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.019 Ch.098-102: The Dark Clouds of Wu 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.018 Ch.094-097: The 1000Li Journey of Conviction 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.017 Ch.089-093: Guan Yu's Anguish 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.016 Ch.083-088: Cao Cao's Ingenuity 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.015 Ch.078-082: Xuande's Scheme 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.014 Ch.073-077: Lu Bu's End 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.013 Ch.068-072: Xuande's Crisis 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.012 Ch.063-067: Attack of Nanyang 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.011 Ch.057-062: Sun Ce's Advance 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.010 Ch.051-056: The Stratagem of Xuzhou 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.009 Ch.046-050: Cao Cao's Rise to Power 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.008 Ch.041-045: Lu Bu and Cao Cao 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.007 Ch.035-040: Upheaval of Jiangdong 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.006 Ch.029-034: The Imperial Seal 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.005 Ch.022-028: Eradicating Dong Zhou 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.005 Ch.022-028: Eradicating Dong Zhou 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.004 Ch.016-021: A Villianous Hero in the Age of Chaos 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.004 Ch.016-021: A Villianous Hero in the Age of Chaos 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.003 Ch.011-015: The State of Affairs of the Han Court 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.002 Ch.006-010: Decimation of the Yellow Scarf Rebels 12/2/2011
Sangokushi Vol.001 Ch.001-005: The Oath of the Peach Garden 12/2/2011
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