Silva. information

Other name: しるバ.; 惡黨美眉; Shiruba

Genres: Comedy, School Life, Slice of Life

Author: Bakutendou

Status: Completed           Views: 73,557           Bookmark


A happy-go-lucky girl named Silva wielding a scythe and claiming to be part of an evil organization transfers into a normal high school. She befriends her classmates, skirmishes with the heroes of justice, and helps to recruit new members into her organization. It's a comedy full of good and evil (which is which is sometimes difficult to tell), dubious magical girls, hopeless adults, and pudding.

Chapter Name Day Added
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.051: [End] 2/2/2014
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.050 Read Online 1/26/2014
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.049 Read Online 1/19/2014
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.048 Read Online 1/12/2014
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.047 Read Online 1/5/2014
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.046 Read Online 12/29/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.045 Read Online 12/22/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.044 Read Online 12/15/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.043 Read Online 12/1/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.042 Read Online 11/24/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.041 Read Online 11/17/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.040 Read Online 11/10/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.039 Read Online 11/3/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.038 Read Online 10/27/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.037 Read Online 10/20/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.036 Read Online 10/13/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.035 Read Online 10/6/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.034 Read Online 9/29/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.033 Read Online 9/22/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.032 Read Online 9/15/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.031 Read Online 9/8/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.030 Read Online 9/1/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.029 Read Online 8/25/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.028 Read Online 8/17/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.027 Read Online 8/11/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.026 Read Online 8/4/2013
Silva. Vol.002 Ch.025 Read Online 7/28/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.024 Read Online 7/14/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.023 Read Online 7/7/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.022 Read Online 6/30/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.021 Read Online 6/23/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.020 Read Online 6/16/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.019 Read Online 6/8/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.018 Read Online 6/2/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.017 Read Online 5/12/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.016 Read Online 5/5/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.015 Read Online 4/27/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.014 Read Online 4/21/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.013 Read Online 4/14/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.012 Read Online 4/7/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.011 Read Online 3/31/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.010 Read Online 3/24/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.009 Read Online 3/17/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.008 Read Online 3/9/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.007 Read Online 3/3/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.006 Read Online 2/23/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.005 Read Online 2/17/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.004 Read Online 2/10/2013
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.003 Read Online 5/27/2012
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.002 Read Online 5/27/2012
Silva. Vol.001 Ch.001 Read Online 5/27/2012
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