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Other name: スプライト; 末日降臨; สไปรท์

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Seinen, Supernatural

Author: ISHIKAWA Yugo

Status: Ongoing           Views: 174,342           Bookmark


Yoshiko is a hardworking high-school student whose free time is almost entirely taken up by attempts to help out a hikikomori childhood friend and an odd, reclusive uncle. 

While on a visit to her uncle's penthouse with two of her friends, Yoshiko notices a black substance that resembles snow beginning to fall from the sky -- but her friends see nothing. Soon afterwards, a massive earthquake shakes the city, and Yoshiko, her friends, her uncle and his dog, all find themselves trapped in a strange world they do not recognize...with an assortment of weird people to keep them company.

Chapter Name Day Added
Sprite Vol.008 Ch.055: Mortal Combat 7/17/2015
Sprite Vol.007 Ch.054: Rising to action 6/14/2015
Sprite Vol.007 Ch.053: Meaning of being here 5/7/2015
Sprite Vol.007 Ch.052: Reason 5/1/2015
Sprite Vol.007 Ch.051: Raid by Takeda's Army 4/27/2015
Sprite Vol.007 Ch.051 (v002): Raid by Takeda's Army 5/1/2015
Sprite Vol.007 Ch.050: Wrecked general 4/20/2015
Sprite Vol.007 Ch.049: Dimly White 'Castle' 4/16/2015
Sprite Vol.007 Ch.048: A.D. 1575 4/7/2015
Sprite Vol.007 Ch.047.004: Omake 004: Endless reunion - parting 2/12/2015
Sprite Vol.007 Ch.047.003: Omake 003 - Collapse: The End 2/4/2015
Sprite Vol.006 Ch.047.002: Omake 002 - Eve: signs 12/29/2014
Sprite Vol.006 Ch.047.001: Omake 001 - Omen: beginnings 12/29/2014
Sprite Vol.006 Ch.047: New World 9/29/2013
Sprite Vol.006 Ch.046: For My Friends... 9/7/2013
Sprite Vol.006 Ch.045: Return of the Evil Spirit 8/27/2013
Sprite Vol.006 Ch.044: Whereabouts of Resentment 8/24/2013
Sprite Vol.006 Ch.043: Unheard Voice 8/19/2013
Sprite Vol.006 Ch.042: Farewell 6/11/2013
Sprite Vol.005 Ch.041: Metamorphoses 5/30/2013
Sprite Vol.005 Ch.040: That time has come... 5/25/2013
Sprite Vol.005 Ch.039: Take your guns! 5/18/2013
Sprite Vol.005 Ch.038: Hostilities 3/3/2013
Sprite Vol.005 Ch.037: Pack of Beasts 2/14/2013
Sprite Vol.005 Ch.036: Riot 1/28/2013
Sprite Vol.005 Ch.035: A.D. 2059 1/21/2013
Sprite Vol.005 Ch.034: Babel System 1/14/2013
Sprite Vol.005 Ch.033: Confession 1/6/2013
Sprite Vol.004 Ch.032 Read Online 11/24/2012
Sprite Vol.004 Ch.031 Read Online 11/10/2012
Sprite Vol.004 Ch.030 Read Online 10/27/2012
Sprite Vol.004 Ch.029: The Verge of Death 10/23/2012
Sprite Vol.004 Ch.028 Read Online 10/8/2012
Sprite Vol.004 Ch.027: The Night of Betrayal 8/24/2012
Sprite Vol.004 Ch.026: Doubt 7/17/2012
Sprite Vol.004 Ch.025: Incoming Call 7/16/2012
Sprite Vol.004 Ch.024 Read Online 7/2/2012
Sprite 023: Hallucination 6/14/2012
Sprite 022: Second Coming 6/14/2012
Sprite 021: Food 5/29/2012
Sprite 020: A Pitiful Nature 5/14/2012
Sprite 019: Correlation 4/29/2012
Sprite 018: Souvenirs 4/21/2012
Sprite 017: Losses 3/8/2012
Sprite 016: Tears 2/2/2012
Sprite 015 Read Online 1/13/2012
Sprite 014 Read Online 10/1/2011
Sprite 013 Read Online 10/1/2011
Sprite 012 Read Online 10/1/2011
Sprite 011: Rescue 10/1/2011
Sprite 010: Wandering Children 10/1/2011
Sprite 009: Lawless World 10/1/2011
Sprite 008 Read Online 10/1/2011
Sprite 007: Transformed City 10/1/2011
Sprite 006: Sprite 10/1/2011
Sprite 005: Lost Children 10/1/2011
Sprite 004: Ten-Odd Years Ago 10/1/2011
Sprite 003: Full Moon 10/1/2011
Sprite 002: Black Water 9/30/2011
Sprite 001: Shaking 9/30/2011
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