Series of genres School Life
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Series Name Latest chapter
A Method to Make the World Gentle    Completed
A Mimic's Dream Ch.000: One-sho ...
A Pair of Otakus Ch.016 - Sudden ...
A Pervert in Love is a Demon. Vol. 001 Ch.008 ...
A Place In The Sun Ch.004 - Just a ...
A Pudgy Girl's Love Completed
A Returner's Magic Should Be Special       Chapter 115
A Small Sheep Dreams Completed
A story about a blonde virgin girl who acquires sexual knowledge    Ch.006
A Story About A Female Teacher who Becomes Aware of Her Childhood Friend who is a Student    Ch.013
A Story about a Girl Who Pretended to Have a Frank Personality to Get Close to Her Crush Ch.002
A Story About a Perfect Girl Gradually Breaking Down    Ch.002
A Story About A Totally Straightforward Girlfriend    Ch.005
A story of a Senpai, who is proud of her swimsuit because she thinks it looks cool    Ch.001
A Tackle On My Life Completed
A Tsun Couple that isn't really Tsun!    Completed
A Very Important Experience Completed
A. - Answer Vol. 001 Ch.007
AAA Completed
Abarenbou Kareshi Completed
Abiru Junjou Completed
Abnormal-kei Joshi    Ch.015: "This kind ...
A-bout!    Vol. 008 Ch.059 ...
Absolute Boyfriend    Completed
Absolute Duo    Ch.016: Date
Absolute Territory    Ch.003
Accel World    Chapter 042
Accel World / Dural - Magisa Garden    Ch.035
Acma:Game Vol. 004 Ch.031.005 ...
Action Idols - Age of Young Dragons    Chapter. 025 - Chapter ...
Ad Astra Per Aspera Ch.007: Oath
Adachi to Shimamura Vol. 003 Ch.018 ...
Adachi to Shimamura (YUZUHARA Moke) Ch.012.005 - White ...
Adam no Junjou 001
Adashi Mono Ch.001: Looking ...
Adesugata Junjou Boy Vol.004 Chapter ...
Adolescent Love    Ch.019 - In the ...
Adventure and Trouble Diary Completed
Afo Guard Vol.005 Ch.050: ...
After Release the Spyce Ch.012
Again!!    Completed
Ageha 100% Completed
Ah! Itoshi no Banchousama    Chapter 027.005
Aharen-san wa Hakarenai    Ch.092
Ahiru No Sora       Chapter 165 - Open ...
Aho Girl    Completed
AI ga Tomaranai! Completed
Ai Kara Hajimaru Completed
Ai Kora    Completed
Ai no Chikara de Koi wo Surunoda Completed
Genres School Life

Having a major setting of the story deal with some type of school.