Series of genres Supernatural
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Series Name Latest chapter
A Manga About a Girl Who Became a Ghost Due to an Accident    Ch.003
A Manual To Raising A Dinosaur Boy Ch.004 - Dinosaur ...
A Midsummer Night's Dream Completed
A Million Tear Drops Completed
A New World Awaits Vol.001 Ch.002: ...
A Pervert in Love is a Demon.       Vol. 001 Ch.007 ...
A Pretty's Super Zombie    Episode 084
A Random Single Page Manga by Haruba Negi Oneshot
A Returner's Magic Should Be Special       Chapter 109
A Sea of Conflicts Ch.019
A Sex Therapist    Completed
A Vampire's First Love Ch.005
A Witch who's suffering from an unknown disease Ch.001
A+B Completed
Abduction School Ch.006
Ability    060
Above All Gods       Chapter 114.005
Absolute Vol.001 Ch.002: ...
Absorb: Ability Vol.002 Ch.008 Read ...
Acaria Completed
Acid Flower Completed
Acma:Game Vol. 004 Ch.031.005 ...
Acony Completed
Adam to Eve Vol. 002 Ch.012 ...
Adashi Mono Ch.001: Looking ...
Adashino-san wa Sude ni Shinderu. Completed
Advent of Snow White to Hell Advent Of Snow White ...
Aewol's Dream Ch.003
After School Nightmare Completed
After Snowfall, Wonder Oneshot
Afterschool Military Activity Completed
Again (Kang Full) Ch.031 [END]
Again, Spring Ch.000: Prologu ...
Ai no Kotoba Ch.003
Ai wa Noroi no Nihon Ningyou 006
Aimane - Akuma na Kanojo o Produce    Completed
Aishi no Yue, Charlotte Vol. 001 Ch.001 ...
Aiyoku no Eustia Completed
Ajin    Chapter 077
Ajin-chan wa Kataritai    Vol.007 Chapter ...
Aka Akatoretachi no Monogatari    Completed
Akahyou no Sanctuary Vol. 001 Ch.001
Akairo Crossroads Vol. 001 Ch.002 ...
Akaku Saku Koe Completed
Akaku Somaru Kiss wo Shite Completed
Akane-chan Overdrive Completed
Akatsuki no Ageha Vol.001 Ch.005 Read ...
Akaya Akashiya Ayakashino Completed
Akazukin no okami deshi 009
Ake no Tobari    Ch.166 - Sort Out ...
Genres Supernatural

Usually entails amazing and unexplained powers or events which defy the laws of physics.