Beastars information

Other name: ビースターズ

Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Slice of Life, Tragedy

Author: ITAGAKI Paru

Status: Ongoing           Views: 4,823,442           Bookmark


In a world populated by anthropomorphic animals, herbivores and carnivores coexist with each other. For the adolescences of the Cherryton School, school life is filled with hope, romance, distrust, and uneasiness.

The main character is Legosi the wolf, a member of the drama club. Despite his menacing appearance, he has a very gentle heart. Throughout most of his life, he has always been an object of fear and hatred by other animals, and he's been quite accustomed to that lifestyle. But soon, he finds himself becoming more involved with his fellow classmates who have their own share of insecurities and finds his life in school changing slowly.

Chapter Name Day Added
Beastars Ch.182 - Who Did You See During The Sunset On The Road To School That Day? 6/29/2020
Beastars Ch.181 - Leopard Spots Like Floating Oil Slicks 6/22/2020
Beastars Ch.180 - It’s a Full Moon, So Leave it to Me 6/15/2020
Beastars Ch.179 - The Power Under The Heels 6/8/2020
Beastars Ch.178 - Remote Battle 6/1/2020
Beastars Ch.177 - Let's go surfing tonight 5/25/2020
Beastars Ch.176 - Diffused Reflected Lights Inside the Scales 5/18/2020
Beastars Ch.175 - Fire Meet Gasoline 5/9/2020
Beastars Ch.174 - A Heroic Story of Blood Spraying in the Air 4/24/2020
Beastars Ch.173 - ******* as the Snow Melts 4/16/2020
Beastars Ch.172 - Red, the Color of Rexmas 4/12/2020
Beastars Ch.171 - Staring Into My Lips And Threatening Me 4/6/2020
Beastars Ch.170 - The Endless Table Manners 3/30/2020
Beastars Ch.169 - Who else called that a “Giraffe Frankfurter”? 3/23/2020
Beastars Ch.168 - The Final Answer For Both 3/16/2020
Beastars Ch.167 - Crazy Party Quiz Show 3/10/2020
Beastars Ch.166 - Please Give Me Your Body's Fate 2/28/2020
Beastars Ch.165 - The Answer To Chapter 065 Is "ERROR" 2/24/2020
Beastars Ch.164 - A Drop Of Ashura's Tear 2/17/2020
Beastars Ch.163 - Don't Look Down, Your Hair Will Get Into Your Eyes 2/8/2020
Beastars Ch.162 - An Early Afternoon with a Good Wife and a Wise Mother 2/1/2020
Beastars Ch.161 - In Awe of Ignorance 1/25/2020
Beastars Ch.160 - The Uncertainty of a Loyal Son 1/17/2020
Beastars Ch.159 - Following Tracing Lines for Their Purity 1/11/2020
Beastars Ch.158 - An Unheard-of Word 12/30/2019
Beastars Ch.157 - Adler Appears Without a Scene Change 12/13/2019
Beastars Vol. 016 Ch.156 - Though the Time Bomb Was Quietly Ticking Away 12/7/2019
Beastars Ch.155 - The Yolk Forever In Our Heart 12/3/2019
Beastars Ch.154 - Jack-sensei's History Classroom 11/22/2019
Beastars Ch.153 - Howl of the Losing Dogs: A Fine Melody 11/16/2019
Beastars Ch.152 - A Question of Self-Harming School Regulations: Claw Marks on the Wall 11/9/2019
Beastars Vol. 015 Ch.151 - A World in Which Herbivores and Carnivores Coexist. 11/2/2019
Beastars Ch.150 - Oh My Big Daddy! 11/2/2019
Beastars Ch.149 - The Second Coming of the White Fox 10/21/2019
Beastars Ch.148 - When I Woke Up I Thought Morning Would Come 10/12/2019
Beastars Ch.147 - Wipe Off Your Drool Before Saying Sweet Nothings 10/5/2019
Beastars Ch.146 - An El Niño in My Desert 9/27/2019
Beastars Ch.145 - A Body Without Privacy 9/23/2019
Beastars Ch.144 - I Am a Feline 9/23/2019
Beastars Ch.143 - Her Breasts So Translucent the Light of the TV Passes Through Them 9/5/2019
Beastars Ch.142 - 100 Years of Life for an Animal?! 9/3/2019
Beastars Ch.141 - A Mermaid's Song with Bubbles 8/23/2019
Beastars Ch.140 - Acting Directions in a Tragedy 8/8/2019
Beastars Ch.139 - Running Across the Twilit Fields 8/3/2019
Beastars Ch.138 - A Transient 021,500 Years 7/28/2019
Beastars Ch.137 - A Departure from La La Land 7/21/2019
Beastars Ch.136 - Our Electric Cardiogram is a Straw Ripped to Pieces 7/13/2019
Beastars Ch.135 - Sweet Steam and Green Peppers 7/6/2019
Beastars Ch.134 - Final Contact 6/28/2019
Beastars Ch.133 - The High Tide Swallows the Beach's Sand 6/21/2019
Beastars Ch.132 - You Call Me by My Name as if I'm Already Dead 6/15/2019
Beastars Ch.131 - A Forcibly-worn Flower Crown Made of Silver Vine 6/7/2019
Beastars Ch.130 - His Lead-Colored Prosthetic Leg is Sometimes Rainbow-Colored Under the Sun 5/31/2019
Beastars Ch.129 - Jumping out of a Dream of an Annunciation 5/23/2019
Beastars Ch.128 - A "Danger Mixture" Made to Counteract Against a Gas Outbreak 5/20/2019
Beastars Ch.127 - Spots like a Mystical Beast Under a Disco Ball 5/9/2019
Beastars Ch.126 - A Devil's Prayer is a Premonition of Bad Luck 4/27/2019
Beastars Ch.125 - A Monster's Threatening Letter with a Noshi Attached 4/20/2019
Beastars Ch.124 - The More Colors are Mixed in Paint, the Blacker It Gets 4/12/2019
Beastars Ch.123 - Our Tails, Afterimages Etched into Our Skulls 4/7/2019
Beastars Ch.122 - A Requiem Can Sound Like a Hymn if You Listen Hard Enough 4/2/2019
Beastars Ch.121 - The Neck of an Hourglass: Ascending with You 3/23/2019
Beastars Ch.120 - A Shout in the Evening Like a Baby's First Cry 3/15/2019
Beastars Ch.119 - If You Pour Out All the Lukewarm Water, You'll Be Left with Cold Water 3/8/2019
Beastars Ch.118 - A Machine Gun Without Ammo 3/3/2019
Beastars Ch.117 - An Altar of Beta-Carotene 2/23/2019
Beastars Ch.116 - A Dancing Boy's Introspection 2/18/2019
Beastars Ch.115 - Tonight, I Feel More Like a Bunny Than She Does (Now Dig In) 2/18/2019
Beastars Chapter 114: Friend, Shall I Bow Before You with My Tongue on the Floor? 2/6/2019
Beastars Chapter 113: A Body Filled with Purity and Whimsy 1/23/2019
Beastars Chapter 112: A Shower of Antitoxic Mist 1/13/2019
Beastars Chapter 111: His Marble-Like Eyes Are Blurred Like Frosted Glass 12/31/2018
Beastars Chapter 110: I Don't Know What Beer Tastes Like 12/16/2018
Beastars Chapter 109: An Oxygen-Depriving Date with a Merman 12/8/2018
Beastars Chapter 108: Caribbean Neighborhood 11/29/2018
Beastars Chapter 107: Inherited Sanpaku Eyes that Determine the Fate of Love 11/26/2018
Beastars Chapter 106: Scaled that Reflect the Light of the Moon 11/18/2018
Beastars Chapter 105: Born to be Eaten 11/10/2018
Beastars Chapter 104: A Lethal Dose of Love, Marmalade Flavored 11/4/2018
Beastars Chapter 103: Seeds Scatter Like Rain 10/27/2018
Beastars Chapter 102: Was It Fire That Made His Body Black? 10/19/2018
Beastars Chapter 101: Condition for Living: Raising a Stray Dog 10/16/2018
Beastars Chapter 100: What Happens when you Bust a Tire in a Very Full Train? 10/16/2018
Beastars Chapter 099: A Leader with a Black Mane 10/16/2018
Beastars Chapter 098: Meeting Eyes with Myself Twenty Years into the Future 10/16/2018
Beastars Chapter 097: We Were Just Out Eating 10/10/2018
Beastars Chapter 096: I Give You My Crimson Cross Section 10/10/2018
Beastars Chapter 095: A Drop of 018-times Concentrate 10/10/2018
Beastars Chapter 094: Beasts School Wars 10/10/2018
Beastars Chapter 093: A Piece of Golden Hair on my Shirt, Now in My Pocket 10/10/2018
Beastars Chapter 092: You are the Prince of Beasts 10/10/2018
Beastars Chapter 091: The Howl of a Guardian Diety 10/10/2018
Beastars Chapter 090: The Old Year and the New Year of My Soul 10/10/2018
Beastars Chapter 089: Stains on a Chopping Board: Traces of a Dream 8/21/2018
Beastars Chapter 088: Hell Hath no Fury 8/21/2018
Beastars Chapter 087: The New Star Wins the Award for Best Supporting Actor 8/21/2018
Beastars Chapter 086: A Comet in this Abyss 7/23/2018
Beastars Chapter 085: Is Our Blood Divided By Sewage? 6/27/2018
Beastars Chapter 084: Turbulence-inducing Claw Strikes 6/27/2018
Beastars Chapter 083: A Hug from You is Worth More than My Bed 6/27/2018
Beastars Chapter 082: Across the Universe 6/27/2018
Beastars Chapter 081: A Pair of Eyes as Round and Dark as Soup Bowls 6/27/2018
Beastars Chapter 080: The Decision to Smile 6/7/2018
Beastars Chapter 079: A Lingerie-to-Lingerie Talk 6/7/2018
Beastars Chapter 078: A Garden of Organic Fruit 6/7/2018
Beastars Chapter 077: The Naivete of a Honey Hunt 5/25/2018
Beastars Chapter 076: A Capriccio and a Cry for the Moon 4/5/2018
Beastars Chapter 075: To Unwind a Grandfather Clock 4/5/2018
Beastars Chapter 074: An Aloof Knight 3/16/2018
Beastars Chapter 073: A "Wolf" with Good Lineage 3/17/2018
Beastars Chapter 072: Burning White Flames 3/7/2018
Beastars Chapter 071: Just an Ordinary Day 3/7/2018
Beastars Chapter 070: Civilization's Cradle 3/6/2018
Beastars Chapter 069: The Tin Can Phone Line is Dying 3/3/2018
Beastars Chapter 068: Limp Teeth Meets Invigorated Hands 2/1/2018
Beastars Chapter 067: Alternating the Currents of Dentition 1/27/2018
Beastars Chapter 066: A Burial in a Windy Coast 1/22/2018
Beastars Ch.065: The Value of Nonexistent Genes 1/14/2018
Beastars Ch.064: A Dancer Does Not Need Pointe Shoes 1/4/2018
Beastars Ch.063: Lighting Oil on Fire! 12/27/2017
Beastars Ch.062: The Resolve to Change Your Appearance 12/10/2017
Beastars Ch.061: You're LIke a Moth Flying Under the Moonlight 12/10/2017
Beastars Ch.060: A Deep and Philanthropistic World 11/26/2017
Beastars Ch.059: Raison d'etre of a Glorifier 11/26/2017
Beastars Ch.058: A Drop of Milk in Black Coffee 11/26/2017
Beastars Ch.057: Two Hearts in Harmony 11/4/2017
Beastars Ch.056: The Savior's Seduction 10/26/2017
Beastars Ch.055: Eve Has Eaten the Apple 10/21/2017
Beastars Ch.054: Catching a Faint Sound 10/13/2017
Beastars Ch.053: A Cornered Rat Bites the Cat 10/8/2017
Beastars Ch.052: Two Dangerous Egotists 10/7/2017
Beastars Ch.051: Life Tastes Like Heavy Lead 9/24/2017
Beastars Ch.050: Othello of Fire 9/20/2017
Beastars Ch.049: The Pups Who Transcended Old Tradition 9/10/2017
Beastars Ch.048: In the Lingering Summer Heat 9/3/2017
Beastars Ch.047: Only the Wind Knows 8/25/2017
Beastars Ch.046: Dominance Through Contrast 8/17/2017
Beastars Ch.045: A Black Hole Beneath Her Eyelashes 8/3/2017
Beastars Ch.044: Cemented by Warm Sweat 7/28/2017
Beastars Ch.043: Automatic Youth 7/22/2017
Beastars Ch.042: Together in the Thick Night 7/14/2017
Beastars Ch.041: Large Loyalty 7/7/2017
Beastars Ch.040: Overflowing Heart, Bursting Lungs 7/3/2017
Beastars Ch.039: I Wanna Hold You 7/3/2017
Beastars Ch.038: White Fur on a Piece of Lined Paper 7/3/2017
Beastars Ch.037: Gathering Rain Clouds 7/3/2017
Beastars Ch.036: To Raise a Fist 7/3/2017
Beastars Ch.035: The Physiology of Taste 7/3/2017
Beastars Ch.034: A Meek Bodyguard 7/3/2017
Beastars Ch.033: To Make a Solemn Vow 7/3/2017
Beastars Ch.032: Turn Off the Lights 6/10/2017
Beastars Ch.031: Shocking Pink Ambition 6/10/2017
Beastars Ch.030: An Animal Tamer with Nerves of Steel 6/1/2017
Beastars Ch.029: Refreshing Wind from the Passing of a Metro Train 6/1/2017
Beastars Ch.028: The Brilliance of Emotions 6/1/2017
Beastars Ch.027: How Clothes Should Fit 5/30/2017
Beastars Ch.026: That Day with Mister Bambi 5/30/2017
Beastars Ch.025: My Eyes Filled with Tears, My Heart Filled with Sorrow 5/28/2017
Beastars Ch.024: Visualized Reality 5/28/2017
Beastars Ch.023: Falling Down the Stairs of Adulthood 5/28/2017
Beastars Ch.022: Together with Bill's Shadow 5/28/2017
Beastars Ch.021: Resonance with the Outside World 5/28/2017
Beastars Ch.020: The Customer Who Sits Next to Me 5/19/2017
Beastars Ch.019: Bow Wow Your Name 5/18/2017
Beastars Ch.018: The Beasts' Bon Festival in the Summer 5/18/2017
Beastars Ch.017: Howl Reluctance Syndrome 5/17/2017
Beastars Ch.016: Burning Retribution 5/3/2017
Beastars Ch.015: Warm Proof of Kinship 5/3/2017
Beastars Ch.014: The Scent of the Holy Grail 5/3/2017
Beastars Ch.013: Ying-Yang Stripes 5/3/2017
Beastars Ch.012: A Radiant Despot 4/27/2017
Beastars Ch.011: Like Glass on Your Gums 4/27/2017
Beastars Ch.010: Privacy Offstage 4/27/2017
Beastars Ch.009: The Wind Rises (Behind Closed Doors) 4/19/2017
Beastars Ch.008: The Godmother Sighs 4/19/2017
Beastars Ch.007v002: Wildlife Sanctuary Level 100 (with Vol. 001 extras) 4/16/2017
Beastars Ch.007: Wildlife Sanctuary Level 100 4/12/2017
Beastars Ch.006: A Star Among Beasts 4/12/2017
Beastars Ch.005: Hey, It's Us 4/6/2017
Beastars Ch.004: A Moderately Bad Day Even for a Bunny Rabbit 4/6/2017
Beastars Ch.003: A Disturbance in the Mist 4/6/2017
Beastars Ch.002: To Stroke One's Fur the Wrong Way 3/25/2017
Beastars Ch.001: It's a Full Moon, So I'll Come and Say Hi v002 3/14/2017
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