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Iron Ladies

Other name: Iron Ladies Steel Soldiers; 铁姬钢兵

Genres: Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Manhua, Sci-fi, Seinen

Author: Unknown

Status: Ongoing           Views: 19,481,549           Bookmark


University graduate Mu Siyun sent his resume to the star fleet on a whim and somehow became the Fleet Admiral! Ths is the story about an admiral with a harem of 3000 female soldiers conquering the universe…

Chapter Name Day Added
Iron Ladies Ch.316 - Be a Man 5/26/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.315 - Interstellar Cyber Warfare 5/23/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.314 - Purgatory Mode 5/13/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.313 - Shaolin Cook 5/10/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.312 - Four Armed Mecha 5/10/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.311 - National Day Special: First Generation Angel 4/26/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.310 - Be Compassionate 4/26/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.309 - An Iron Soldier Walks to the End of the World 4/25/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.308 - Sister Hamster is Average 4/10/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.307 - Inspirational Speech 3/28/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.306 - New Family Head 3/17/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.305 - Upgraded Iron Ladies 3/14/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.304 - Peerless Mother 3/6/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.303 - Criminal Wife 2/26/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.302 - Evil Dragon's Conspiracy 2/17/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.301 - Family Head's Widow 2/15/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.300 - Do You Have Goals? 2/11/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.299 - New Beiyang Main Cannon 2/10/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.298 - The Queen of Roasted Goose Rice 1/30/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.297 - Is Godmother Actually Retarded? 1/30/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.296 - The Fires of Heaven on Iron Pagoda 1/29/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.295 - Mad Golden Battle Form 1/21/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.294 - Godmother's English 1/20/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.293 - We Are All The Same 1/19/2020
Iron Ladies Ch.292 - Pagoda Imperial City 9/4/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.291 - Big Sister's Seal Has Been Lifted 8/7/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.290 - Household Division 8/4/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.289 - Lying Down To Get Shot 8/1/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.288 - Does Foster Father Mu Have a Heart? 7/28/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.287 - Close Combat Mage 7/25/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.286 - Pieces of the Sign of Anger 7/21/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.285 - I'm not against you~ 7/18/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.284 - I Chase You 7/15/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.283 - The Second True God Soul Soldier 7/11/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.282 - Vajra Defeating Demons 7/10/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.281 - If I Become A Buddha 7/8/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.280 - Dual Embodiment 7/4/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.279 - The Calabash Brothers Don't Even Have More Than Me 7/2/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.278 - God vs God 7/1/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.277 - Society's God 6/30/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.276 - Who Agrees, Who Opposes 6/28/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.275 - Rolling Thunder 6/26/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.274 - Triggered the Old Man, Now He Even Dares to Beat up God 6/23/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.273 - Why do I love Ding Yuan? 6/20/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.272 - Poetry 6/16/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.271 - My Body became a Buddhist Relic 6/16/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.270 - Becoming a Buddhist and becoming Evil? 6/14/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.269 - Sinning Buddha's Warrior 6/12/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.268 - Field Battle Lessons 6/9/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.267 - The Evil Dragon is Dead, I am the Strongest 6/7/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.266 - Beiyang is Afraid of Me 6/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.265 - Change For The Better With Love 6/2/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.264 - The Evil Dragon isn't Evil Enough 6/1/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.263 - heart of the divine race 5/25/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.262 - Weapons Master 5/12/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.261 - Monster Lady 5/8/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.260 - Damn Gramps Are Kind as Hell 5/5/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.259 - No Good Soldiers Under Evil Dragon 5/5/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.258 - Seeking Your Own Death 5/5/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.257 - You Think Being a Fleet Admiral is Fun? 5/4/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.256 - Space Real Body 4/30/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.255 - I’m Not Afraid to Die 4/29/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.254 - Holy Corpses Battle Form 4/29/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.253 - Is It Over For Evil Dragon For Real This Time? 4/29/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.252 - It Would Be Great If You Weren’t My Student 4/29/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.251 - Talent in War 4/29/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.250 - Fleet Admiral Mu is Online 4/28/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.249 - Miss, Come with Me to the Fleet 4/26/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.248 - A Reason to Kill 4/22/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.247 - Mu Kills 4/22/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.246 - Jukun Wants to Eat Evil Dragon 4/22/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.245 - Teacher and Student 4/21/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.244 - Fleet Admiral Mu, Student Mu 4/20/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.243 - Is Foster Father Mu a Good Person? 4/20/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.242 - Black Peppered Steak Flavor 4/18/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.241 - Extremely Friendly Greeting 4/18/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.240 - Scarily Laughing Like Ding Yuan 4/17/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.239 - Crispy 4/17/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.238 - What Animal Dares to Eat Kun? 4/17/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.237 - My Jukun Army Of A Million Soldiers 4/17/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.236 - Poison to Others, Energy to Pao 4/12/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.235 - Xiao Pao’s Kind Plan 4/11/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.234 - I Can Slay Angels 4/10/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.233 - Mistress, You Really Do Care About Me 4/10/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.232 - Losing the Golden Feathers, Worse Than a Chicken 4/9/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.231 - Mu Xiao Pao 4/8/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.230 - The Mistress is Mine, Evil Dragon is Dead 4/7/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.229 - Jukun Fleet 4/6/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.228 - Gentle Iron Fist 4/6/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.227 - I’m Not Arrogant 4/2/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.226 - Solo God, Shit Team Player 4/1/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.225 - Die On The Spot 3/31/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.224 - Rap Battle 3/29/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.223 - Lay Down One's Arms 3/28/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.222 - I Am Kind 3/25/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.221 - Half Body Monster 3/25/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.220 - Two-Legged Yayu 3/24/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.219 - My APM is Too High 3/22/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.218 - Sword of State 3/21/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.217 - Every Man for Himself 3/21/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.216 - Beiyang’s Traitor 3/20/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.215 - This Old Man’s Treasured Sword is Thirsty for Blood 3/19/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.214 - Warriors Are Easy to Get, But Not Strategists 3/19/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.213 - Violent Yayu 3/18/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.212 - The Fourth Heaven Tier 3/18/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.211 - Gun Smoke 3/17/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.210 - This Old Woman Doesn’t Kill 3/17/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.209 - Next Stop, Megrez Dynasty 3/17/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.208 - Fleet Admiral Secretly Observes Talented Person 3/16/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.207 - Beiyang’s Uneducated Villager 3/16/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.206 - King of Solitary 3/14/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.205 - Evil Dragon and His Sinister Plot 3/14/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.204 - Honing Acting Skills 3/13/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.203 - Friendly Greetings 3/13/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.202 - I’m Sorry, It’s My Fault 3/11/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.201 - He Reduced the Powerful Enemy Ships to Dust 3/9/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.200 - Battle Puppet Reveals Its True Form 3/6/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.199 - The Sound of a Laugh Throughout the Universe 3/5/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.198 - Everyone Is Responsible 3/5/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.197 - Wouldn’t It Be Nice If You Surrender Reasonably? 3/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.196 - Yanyu Jiangnan 3/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.195 - Crow Rams Into Main Ship 3/2/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.194 - Tasty Snake Soup 3/1/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.193 - A Priceless Ring 2/28/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.192 - Ten Thousand Swords Piercing Planet 2/27/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.191 - Draw Sword? 2/26/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.190 - Unknown Model Battle Puppet 2/25/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.189 - I Want to Slay the Dragon 2/25/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.188 - Wings of Blood Crossing the Galaxy 2/23/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.187 - Having A Clear Conscience 2/15/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.186 - Grilled Snake With Cumin 2/15/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.185 - Dragon Queen Studies and Not Fight 2/14/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.184 - Burning All Her Holy Blood 2/13/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.183 - Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained 2/13/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.182 - Victory? 2/13/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.181 - I, Himiko, Would Rather Starve to Death Than… 2/13/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.180 - Three Thousand Strands of Blue Hair For A Moment of Arrogance 2/13/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.179 - Watching the Show 2/12/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.178 - Start the Game and We’ll Give You the Snake Style Blade For Free 2/11/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.177 - Fresh, Angry, and Bold Teenager 2/11/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.176 - Hungry Beast Planet 2/10/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.175 - One High Explosives Arrow… 2/10/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.174 - Assassins Forced to be Heavy Tanks 2/10/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.173 - Seeking to Follow the Thousand Mile Horse on Foot 2/10/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.172 - Thick Clouds Above the Blue Sea Cover the Snowy Mountain 2/10/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.171 - Fighting Through Tens of Thousands of Miles, Going Over Obstacles Like Mountains 2/9/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.170 - There’s No Way We’ll Retire 2/9/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.169 - Man of Character 2/9/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.168 - To Work Like a Slave 2/8/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.167 - Special Agent Immortal Godmother 2/8/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.166 - The Three Kingdoms at the End of the Han Dynasty ♪ 2/8/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.165 - Big Sis’s Roasted Pork and Chicken Rice! 2/4/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.164 - So What If I Kill You? 2/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.163 - The Moon of Qin Shines Yet Over the Passes of Han. 2/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.162 - Heavenly King Covers Earth Tiger 2/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.161 - Big Sis Faces Death Head On with a Smile 2/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.160 - You Can Fight Ten at Once? 2/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.159 - Click and We’ll Give You Iron Pagoda Berserker Version For Free 2/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.158 - The Emperor Personally Leads the Battle 2/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.157 - Rank Two Puppet 2/1/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.156 - Invincible Waist Power 1/31/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.155 - Did You Forget How Scary Big Sis Is? 1/31/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.154 - You Think I Wouldn’t Get Mad? You Think Foster Mother is a Sick Kitten? 1/31/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.153 - I Seek to Kneel Before Foster Father 1/30/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.152 - Tell Foster Mother Who Dared to Hit You 1/29/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.151 - Unarmed, Honest People 1/29/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.150 - Bad (Xiong) Kids Don’t Cause Trouble 1/29/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.149 - Attending the Wedding Feast 1/29/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.148 - Leader of Dragon Slayer Alliance 1/28/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.147 - Please Accept Me 1/27/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.146 - I Am Serious 1/27/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.145 - Fleet Admirals are Civil Servants 1/26/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.144 - Fighting Demons and Angels, Showing Arrogance to the Heavens 1/25/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.143 - Travel Across the Universe with Me 1/23/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.142 - Click and We’ll Give You Immortal Godmother For Free 1/22/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.141 - How Can One Be a Prince Charming When One Isn’t Handsome? 1/22/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.140 - You Thought Foster Father is a Good Person? 1/22/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.139 - Raising My Cup, I Invite the Bright Moon 1/20/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.138 - Hit Me If You Have What It Takes 1/20/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.137 - Still Believe in Justice? 1/20/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.136 - Fists Can’t Solve Problems 1/19/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.135 - Persuasion Through Reasoning 1/19/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.134 - The Girls Are Here to Destroy Things 1/17/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.133 - I Do Whatever I Want 1/16/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.132 - Dark Clouds Covers the City Waiting to Bring it Down 1/16/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.131 - Return of the Evil Dragon 1/16/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.130 - Rank One Puppet Substitution 1/15/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.129 - Out of the Way, I’m Starting… 1/14/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.128 - Drink Coffee, Eat Mousse Cake 1/13/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.127 - It’s Over for the Evil Dragon? 1/13/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.126 - Dragon Slayer Alliance 1/12/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.125 - Across Space 1/12/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.124 - Ants Biting an Elephant to Death, Humans Crippling Gods 1/12/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.123 - Being Confident and Free by Riding the Waves 1/12/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.122 - Where Are You, Planet Lord? 1/10/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.121 - Foster Father Will Take Responsibility 1/10/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.120 - Demonic Tune Lights the Beacon 1/9/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.119 - Are Shuras People? 1/9/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.118 - If You Wish For It, It Will Happen 1/8/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.117 - Beiyang Treats Its Guests Well 1/8/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.116 - Throwing You Ten Meters into Space 1/8/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.115 - Death Squad Attacks Dragon Queen 1/8/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.114 - Villains Indicted First 1/8/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.113 - Foster Father Smiles a Little 1/7/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.112 - Yihuo Planet Lord Provokes Evil Dragon 1/7/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.111 - Feel Free to Shoot My Head Off If You Disagree. 1/5/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.110 - A Safe Bodyguard 1/5/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.109 - Why Are You Forcing Me? 1/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.108 - Resting Dragon Chant 1/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.107 - Demon Mu of Melody 1/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.106 - Evil Dragon Protects the Shura 1/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.105 - Dragon’s Whiskers as the Strings 1/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.104 - Teaching You the Ultimate Demon Technique 1/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.103 - Justified to Sweep the Trash 1/3/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.102 - Come With Me If You Want to Live it Up 1/1/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.101 - Inextinguishable Warrior Spirit 1/1/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.100 - Wild Beasts Don’t Need Techniques 1/1/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.099 - Tearing Steel Plates Apart with Bare Hands 1/1/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.098 - Gentle Girls Don’t Hit People 1/1/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.097 - Zhen Yuan is Obedient and Doesn’t Cause Trouble 1/1/2019
Iron Ladies Ch.096 - Afraid That You Aren’t Brave Enough 12/31/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.095 - The Swift and Fierce China is Most Beautiful in Battle 12/31/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.094 - A Powerful Bodyguard 12/30/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.093 - Please Let Me be the Foster Mother 12/30/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.092 - Ding Yuan, Goddess of Music 12/30/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.091 - Foster Father of the Whole Universe 12/30/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.090 - Dragon King’s Real Body 12/28/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.089 - Foster Father Puts Out a Long Line to Catch a Big Fish 12/28/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.088 - Captured by the Queen and At a Loss What to Do 12/27/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.087 - Crispy Chicken Flavor 12/27/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.086 - Evil Dragon Traps People 12/26/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.085 - What Should I Do If Soul Tier Goddess Steals Dan Dan Away! 12/26/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.084 - Soul Tier Goddess’s Brilliant Debut 12/25/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.083 - A Loud Bang in The Skies 12/25/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.082 - Rank One Battle Puppet 12/25/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.081 - Furious Big Sis 12/24/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.080 - Dark Gold Battle Form 12/24/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.079 - Sniper Battle 12/23/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.078 - Foster Father Will Beat Up the Bad Guys for You 12/23/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.077 - The Evil Dragon Bites 12/22/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.076 - Evil Dragon to Save the Princess 12/22/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.075 - Who Dares to Hit the Professor? 12/22/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.074 - Refuses to be Convinced Until One is Faced with Grim Reality 12/22/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.073 - You Thought Foster Father Mu Wasn’t Scheming? 12/21/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.072 - A Sophisticated Warlord is Scary 12/21/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.071 - Seventh Prince Calls Out the Dragon King 12/20/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.070 - Foster Father Mu Takes on Talents from All Over 12/20/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.069 - Seventh Prince Wants to Fight Foster Father Mu for the Goddess 12/19/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.068 - I’m Not a Bad Guy 12/19/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.067 - Scum Provoked Big Sis 12/19/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.066 - Big Sis, You’re Not Afraid of Other Girls Stealing Foster Father Away? 12/19/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.065 - Carrying Away Immortal Godmother 12/19/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.064 - Immortal Godmother the Taoist Priest 12/19/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.063 - Alkaid Dynasty 12/19/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.062 - Fusing Battle Forms 12/19/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.061 - A Poor Guy Can Donate Too 12/19/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.060 - Fallen Into Holy Blood Lake 12/19/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.059 - Foster Father, Crying Isn’t a Sin 12/18/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.058 - Immortal Godmother Worships Foster Father Mu? 12/18/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.057 - Change the Location 12/17/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.056 - I Seek Power 12/16/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.055 - Surrounded by Three Thousand Iron Ladies 12/16/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.054 - Killing Them All 12/15/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.053 - Soul Tier - Metal Battle Form 12/14/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.052 - Soul Refinement - Ten Zhang Copper Mouth 12/14/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.051 - Ten Zhang Copper Mouth 12/14/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.050 - Straight into the Monster’s Den 12/14/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.049 - It Must Rain 12/14/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.048 - Ding Yuan, Let’s Go 12/14/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.047 - Invincible 12/11/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.046 - Battle Between Heaven and Earth 12/11/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.045 - Witch 12/11/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.044 - Praying to the Dragon King for Rain 12/10/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.043 - Foster Father Mu’s Dark Cuisine 12/9/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.042 - Foster Father Mu Went Undercover 12/9/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.041 - Foster Father Mu’s Plan 12/8/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.040 - Goddess Resents the Professor 12/8/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.039 - Professor Resents the Fleet Admiral 12/8/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.038 - You Really Think You’re Mu Siyun? 12/7/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.037 - Creating a Soul Soldier 12/7/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.036 - Beiyang’s New Goddess 12/6/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.035.005 - Great Warlord Mu Siyun (Original Sexual Version) 12/21/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.035 - Great Warlord Mu Siyun 12/5/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.034 - I am Beiyang’s Fleet Admiral 12/4/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.033 - On the Deck 12/4/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.032 - I Exhale and You Kneel 12/3/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.031 - Punched the Admiral Flying 12/3/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.030 - Big Fish Has Taken the Bait 12/3/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.029 - On the Main Ship’s Deck 12/3/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.028 - Death-Seeking Squad Disobeys the Dragon 12/2/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.027 - Big Sis Isn’t Crying, Big Sis’s Heart Isn’t Aching 12/2/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.026 - Zhen Yuan the Lightning Tribulation 12/2/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.025 - Carrying Away a Goddess 12/2/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.024 - Monstrous Dragon Cry 12/2/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.023 - I’m Poor, I Don’t Have a Sports Car 12/2/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.022 - Cloud-Piercing Laughter 12/1/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.021 - Blades and Scale Swords 12/1/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.020 - Like a God 12/1/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.019 - Self-Destruction via Holy Blood 12/1/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.018 - Big Sis is Heading Out First 12/1/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.017 - Surrounded by Insects 11/30/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.016 - Off to Insect Queen Planet 11/30/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.015 - Prelude of the Battle 11/30/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.014 - Dragon Empress, Devourer of Worlds 11/29/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.013 - Rather Die Than Yield 11/29/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.012 - We’ll Be Sisters Again in Our Next Lives 11/28/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.011 - How Angels Are Made 11/27/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.010 - Not Knowing She’s the Goddess 11/27/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.009 - You Really Think I Won’t Touch You? 11/27/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.008 - I Still Need to Go Home and Cook 11/27/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.007 - Chinese Medicine Sisters 11/26/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.006 - New Recruits' Training 11/26/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.005 - Loser in a Ship 11/26/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.004 - Paying a Female Steamer with His Own Life 11/25/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.003 - Choosing Life or Death 11/25/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.002 - Eight-Headed Serpent 11/25/2018
Iron Ladies Ch.001 - Iron Buddha 11/25/2018
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