Their Color information
Their Color

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Manhwa, Supernatural

Author: Mr. Skull

Status: Ongoing           Views: 11,185           Bookmark


Due to the magical essence leaking out of the new dimension that opened up within this world, all living creatures started to mutate into monsters. However, the remaining survivors of the human race were able to reduce the effects caused by the magical essence, and the world became divided into two factions. The “New World”, and the “Under World”. Because of this, the people left behind in the Under World became adapted to their surrounding environments, and evolved into a new species. These people became known as the “Under People”, and they seem to be far more superior and powerful than the human race…?

Chapter Name Day Added
Their Color Ch.002 - Chapter 002 2/4/2019
Their Color Ch.001 2/4/2019
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