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Series Name Latest chapter
C.M.B.    Vol. 042 Ch.139 ...
CA to Oyoubi! Vol.001 Ch.005
Cactus and Radio Ch.039 Read Onl ...
Cafe Cafe Vol.001 Ch.006: ...
Cafe Detective Club Vol.005 Ch.039: ...
Café Grief Seed e Youkoso! Vol.001 Ch.004
Cafe Kichijoji Completed
Cafe Occult Completed
Cafe of Dreams Completed
Cafe Velomano Vol.001 Ch.004: ...
Cafe-tic Lover Vol.001 Ch.004
Cage of Eden    Completed
Cake Completed
Caligula 4-Koma - Extreme Kitaku-bu Ch.020
Called Game Vol. 004 Ch.010
Calling (HORI Mai) Completed
Calling (Jay-kun) Ch.011: You did ...
Calling (OTSUKI Miu) Completed
Calorie Completed
Cambrian    Vol.003 Ch.028: ...
Cambyses no Kuji Oneshot
Camelot Garden Completed
Campione! Vol. 003 Ch.008 ...
Campus Martial God    Ch.006 - Master, ...
Can I Accept Your Proposal From All Those Years Ago Ch.003
Can you become a magical girl? Completed
Canaria Child Completed
Canaria-tachi no Fune Completed
CANDALA    Ch.011 - DECISIVE ...
Candy & Cigarettes Candy & Cigarettes ...
Candy (SUZUKI Yufuko) Vol.001 Ch.Special ...
Candy Boy 011
Candy Candy Completed
Candy Doll Completed
Candy Floss Ch.001: Memories ...
Candy Flower Completed
Candy Life Completed
Candy to Choco Bonbon Ch.000: Images
Canine Tooth Ch.017
Cannon Fodder’s Record of Counterattacks    Ch.004 - Ling Xue ...
Cannon God Exaxxion 081
Canon Completed
Can't Lose You Completed
Can't See Can't Hear But Love    Completed
Cantarella Vol.012 Ch.048
Cantarella - Ao no Dokuyaku Vol.001 Ch.002
Canvas 2 - Nijiiro no Sketch Completed
Capcom Gals! Comic Anthology Vol. 001 Ch.017 ...
Capeta    Vol. 025 Ch.093
Cappuccino Completed